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Jul 13, 2007 02:46 PM

Twist Cafe & Bistro

I just wanted to post a recommendation for this restaurant since I haven't seen any posts on it. My boyfriend took me to this place last night for my birthday and it was a very nice surprise. I hadn't even heard of it before.

It's owned by a couple who are both French chefs. And I think a lot of their business is catering as well. The place is cute, very friendly and reasonably priced. The owner wouldn't let us leave the restaurant without dessert, so he sent out some chocolate mousse.

I think the best things we had there were a poached egg app and the potatoes that came with my duck. Don't ask me how simple potatoes were sooo good. But everything as a whole was very good.

Here's a link:

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  1. Its in Campbell? Are there other locations as well (I didn't see anything on the website).

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      It is definitely in Campbell. There aren't any other locations. It's a very friendly, comfortable place, with adequate food. But that's perfectly okay. How much other "adequate" French food is there in the South Bay?

    2. I am rarely in the South Bay, but I happened to go Twist for dinner a couple of weeks ago. Since it was a family dinner, there were 9 of us. Between us, we had:

      Heart of romaine, Caesar Dressing and Grilled Prawns Shaved Romano
      Twist Salad, Daily Fresh Roasted Vegetables, Balsamic Vinaigrette 7.95
      Duck Foie Gras Terrine “Maison”, Brioche Toast 14.00
      Peppered Country Pate, Cornichons and Mixed greens 8.00

      Main courses:
      Hanging tender Steak with French fries (& béarnaise and shallot sauce) 20.95
      Grilled Flat Iron Steak “Maitre D’Hotel” - butter with parsley and lemon, French fries
      Fresh Parpadelle Pasta Grilled Scallops - saffron cream sauce, roasted asparagus, black forest mushrooms 23.95
      Pork Chop Roquefort Sauce with mashed potatoes 19.00
      Duck in Two Ways - roasted breast served medium rare, potato salad duck confit served with roasted potatoes, blueberry balsamic reduction 22.50

      Trio of creme brulee
      Ice cream pastry puffs with chocolate sauce

      I thought the food was perfectly acceptable. The country pate & the romaine salad were my favorite appetizers. The hanger steak was the best main. The fries were fried in duck fat so they were AWESOME. The pork chops were nice enough. The pasta was voted unanimously - least favorite dish. The duck was lovely, we made an unbelievably delicious duck hash for breakfast with the leftovers.

      The desserts were very weak.

      I found the service to be....restrained. They didn't do anything actually wrong, but there was this odd hesitation about everything that made us feel like we were making special requests when we clearly weren't. I suspect part of it was us -- my husband's family is boisterous.

      Will I go back? I wouldn't make the drive from SF to eat there. I would eat there if it was part of another group dinner. But if I was in Campbell looking for dinner, I'd probably explore the other options.

      Twist Cafe Bistro
      247 E Campbell Ave., Campbell, CA 95008

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        That was our experience as well. We ate there 5 or 6 months ago on a Saturday night when it wasn't too busy, and the service was odd (even though it was just the 2 of us and we weren't even loud, much less boisterous). The food was very uneven and nothing was special, so we won't be going back.