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Appetizer ideas needed

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I am brain dead. Making paella tomorrow for dinner. Will serve with a nice green salad, good bread and a creme caramel and fruit for dessert. What's the appetizer? Nothing complicated - and no, I can't get serrano ham around here, darn it.

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  1. Shots of gazpacho- red and white?

    1. Crispy little toasts spread with soft goat cheese and then spread with a little tapenade on top of one half the cheese -- so they are two-toned: half dark, half light. You can do the toasts ahead and then spread them a little before guests arrive. Super simple and people just inhale them.

      1. Olives! Just an assortment, some bread and relax.

        1. I would do marcona almonds and olives. If you want something more substantial, I think the bruschetta/crostini idea is a good one. You can do a tomato/basil/olive oil topping, or a white bean topping, or the goat cheese/tapenade suggestion another poster gave you.

          1. dates stuffed with goat cheese and wraped in bacon

            cherry tomatoes, basil and mozzarella on a toothpick..can make the night before, looks great on a plate...before serving S&P, olive oil and vinger...

            I am a big fan of a bowl of berrata (sp?) and some good bread...maybe some summer strawberries on top with balsalmic vineger

            Have fun!

            1. Mound of goat cheese heaped with caramelized onions, bagel crisps to pile it on. Oiled/herbed/garlicked & roasted bite-size red potatoes.

              1. Spanish cheeses, olives and almonds with some warm crusty bread and good olive oil

                1. thinly sliced Smithfield/country ham wrapped around cantalope melon balls. Nice American twist on an Italian classic.

                  1. Thanks, everyone! Very helpful. I will probably do the crostini with goat cheese and tapenade (have everything already), a bowl of mixed olives and possibly pick up some prosciutto to day, if I get around to it.