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Jul 13, 2007 02:38 PM

Appetizer ideas needed

I am brain dead. Making paella tomorrow for dinner. Will serve with a nice green salad, good bread and a creme caramel and fruit for dessert. What's the appetizer? Nothing complicated - and no, I can't get serrano ham around here, darn it.

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  1. Shots of gazpacho- red and white?

    1. Crispy little toasts spread with soft goat cheese and then spread with a little tapenade on top of one half the cheese -- so they are two-toned: half dark, half light. You can do the toasts ahead and then spread them a little before guests arrive. Super simple and people just inhale them.

      1. Olives! Just an assortment, some bread and relax.

        1. I would do marcona almonds and olives. If you want something more substantial, I think the bruschetta/crostini idea is a good one. You can do a tomato/basil/olive oil topping, or a white bean topping, or the goat cheese/tapenade suggestion another poster gave you.

          1. dates stuffed with goat cheese and wraped in bacon

            cherry tomatoes, basil and mozzarella on a toothpick..can make the night before, looks great on a plate...before serving S&P, olive oil and vinger...

            I am a big fan of a bowl of berrata (sp?) and some good bread...maybe some summer strawberries on top with balsalmic vineger

            Have fun!