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Jul 13, 2007 02:35 PM

Urena - YUMMM

After hearing various posters mention Urena and its right in my hod I decided to go for dinner last night and was not disappointed. Now, the location is terrible and we walked right past it and had to turn back. However once inside we were treated to an excellent dining experience. We started with 3 apps. Dates wrapped in bacon, suckling pig empanadas and something like small rice balls with Manchego cheese and chorizo. They were all delicious!! The service was very attentive and not at all overbearing. My wife ordered the Mojito and then decided on the white wine, they had no proble binging back the Mojito and taking it off the bill.
For next course we had the poached shrimp over risotto, smoked trout topped with micro greens and the crab meat lasagna. The crab lasagna was my wifes favorite and I loved the shrimp. The smoked trout was nice however the smoke flavor was very powerful and may have overwhelmed the flavor of the trout.
Again, the service was excellent throughout the meal. The bill was 119 without tip. 2 Mojitos for me and 2 glasses of white wine for her.
The desserts were $11 each and I thought that was a little high. We skipped and decided to get Baskin Robbins and sit outside instead.
All in all a truly excellent dining experience and I highly recommend this spot.

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  1. What Price Greatness? Those desserts at URENA are worth every cent of their $11. Creative, beautiful, complex and tasty.

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      What you said is exactly what I was intending to write when I read that princeofpork had passed on Alex's desserts. Too bad because in the several meals we've had there, every dessert we've ordered has been phenomenal! Two weeks ago, it was a berry soup. Sounds mundane? Well, it was anything but! I couldn't believe how seriously delicious it was.


      I'm glad you enjoyed the meal. Urena is so terribly underrated, it's good to see someone else discovering it. Presuming you'll be going back, next time, spring for dessert! At least, share one with your wife. Way better than Baskin-Robbins! lol

      1. re: RGR

        Wish I knew in advance. I saw the berry soup on the menu, I never would have had the balls to order it. Nice Job.

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          It turned out to be totally not what I expected. Most berry soups are pureed. But Alex's version is actually more like a wine soup with lots of berries in it + a scoop of sorbet (can't remember the flavor) on top. I'm salivating just thinking about it....