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MSP - Yum! on Excelsior Blvd

I ate lunch food there for the first time today - I've only previously gotten bakery items.

It strikes me as a bit expensive for what you get. I ordered the SW turkey panini. It wasn't a panini - it was a quesadilla. The turkey meat was lower-grade processed turkey. It was sort of an odd sandwich, really, but it tasted OK. It was $8 and did not come with any sides - no fruit or chips. I guess most of their sandwiches do. Given the quality of it, I am not sure why they have to chintz on it. I got a side of fries ($5, which seems high for a side) and a bottle of whater. Lunch was $15.50 - for water, sandwich and fries. For a cafeteria, that's high. Even for sit down, it's a bit much.

Some of the other things looked interesting. What menu items there have people been happy with? What's worth ordering? I know their menu changes very frequently, but some of their items are constant, it seems. If all meals are like what I had today, I won't go back. If people tell me there are other things that are better and/or more reasonably priced, I'll try it again.

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  1. Adding place

    4000 Minnetonka Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55416

    1. I think that they have pretty good soups and salads there, but agree that it's pricey. There are a fair number of alternatives that are cheaper in the area, both east and west of Lake Calhoun, so it's not a regular spot for me.

      I'd much rather go to Lucia's Bakery on the other side of Lake Calhoun for the same type of food.

      [EDIT: my browser seems to be flaking on me. Sorry for the duplicative text below.]

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        Yeah, the baked goods are high, too. I got a salted nut roll to go, and just ate it. It was $3, and had issues. Too much nougat, both the nougat and the caramel is too soft - you really couldn't pick the thing up. The 60 cent candy bar is better.

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          "same type of food" Lucia's cooks with carefully sourced ingredients often from local farms

          YUM is stylish, wins a lot of customer's over based on their pretty store and current image. The food is basic, with some extra points for finger sized items

          Counter style joints often have some awkwardness, at least on first visit. Yum concept with multiple locations to interact with staff people was initially confusing.

          Other counter joints with local/sustainable sourcing: BW (birchwood), Common Roots

        2. visited twice early in its inception...yawn. big overpriced yawn. gets good sunlight, though.

          1. I had a key lime bar there once that was pretty good....

            1. Disappointing Velveeta style mac & cheese

              1. I went there for the first time over the weekend. My friend liked her steak sandwich, and I saw some nice-looking salads, but my burger was a major disappointment. My table had a good view of the kitchen, and I knew there was a problem when I saw the grill chef take his spatula and press down firmly on the patty as it cooked. Predictably, the end result was dry and crumbly.

                I also watched him shape a ground beef patty with his bare hands, put it on the grill, and then perform a quick and perfunctory hand-rinsing at the sink. I made a mental note to avoid ordering anything uncooked that he might touch with those hands. Which would leave, what, soup? Cupcakes?

                Also, in case I needed more reason not to go back, I asked the counter person if they could sub fries for the potato chips. Expecting a yes-with-upcharge, I instead received a flat no, with an explanation that their fries are "seasoned" and thus a $4.95 side order.

                Ugh. I have to say, the fish and chips looked lovely, but I'm not going back.

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                  We go there for take out almost once a week and almost always like it. I do love their fries and their fish and chips are yummy too. But I almost always get the tuna burger which I like a lot. And I love their mac and cheese - but I am a big velvetta shells and cheese person. :) And I almost always get a nut goody bar. My mom used to make those so I am a sucker for them.

                  I must admit that the place isn't as good as it was even 6 months ago. The menu use to change almost weekly so it was always fun to see what was new. I haven't seen a change in the menu now for almost a month and half.

                  So, i do like their food but the main draw is the proxemity to where we live. When we move in a month and it is further away I doubt we will drive across town for it.

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                    Try Eat Minnesota, a newly opened micro deli on the other side of the road. There's no seating, but they offer three meals including a home meal replacement program. The source of their ingredients is in tune with the eat local zeitgeist. Prices seem reasonable too.