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Jul 13, 2007 02:25 PM

Lobster rolls at Subway

I know talking about chains in this thread are looked down upon, but I actually tried one yesterday, not expecting much. The portions on a single are skimpy but if you double up on the meat, it comes in at about $13 for a 6 inch sandwich and the meat equivalent of a 1 lb lobster. I have to say it was quite good with actual chunks and claw meat of lobster, not just eviscerated bits. Certainly better than the lobster rolls, the McDonalds in Boston served up when I was living there.

All I needed was bit a lettuce, salt/pepper and a bit of extra mayo.

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  1. Got to admit, I was wondering about these. Will they toast them? That might vaguely approximate the true New England lobster roll experience.

    1. My husband and I, along with another couple, were taking a walk in Parry Sound last weekend and noticed a sign for the lobster sandwich at the local Subway. We decided to try one, which we shared amongst the four of us.

      Yuck!!! Yes, there were actual chunks and claws, but absolutely NO flavour whatsoever. We went the lettuce and mayo route for toppings, as well, which did nothing to improve a filling that one has certain definite flavour expectations of, but which definitely did not deliver.

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        I too have been curious about their latest lobster sub. Ive been hearing lots of radio ad's promoting it...thanks for the reviews.

      2. I walked by my local subway today and upon remembering this board decided to try one. My boyfriend and I were really surprised at how lobster-y it was - there were definitely chunks of real lobster meat, and the while it wasn't the most flavourful lobster I've eaten it wasn't bad at all considering it came from Subway. Maybe we only thought it was good because we had such low expectations, but I'll probably go back for another one if the craving strikes.

        Bear in mind, you'd have to be craving a lobster roll to want one, becuse if you were just craving lobster you'd be better off going to chinatown and getting a huge plate of lobster chow mein (with a whole lobster) for under $20. But overall I didn't think it was bad at all.