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good caterers?

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I am planning a cocktail party, and next year a wedding. Does anyone have recommendations for a great caterer?

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  1. What city / cities?

    1. Sorry for the lack of details....

      The wedding will be in Berkeley.

      1. www.olivegreen.com

        delicious mediterranean, luscious food. they both used to cook at chez pannise

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          just fixing the link.

        2. We've had numerous good experiences with Ann Walker Catering. We have been to three weddings (including ours) that they catered and were very happy with the food and extremely happy with their level of service and professionalism. All three events were in Oakland/Berkeley.

          Ann Walker Catering
          40 Kensington Rd, San Anselmo, CA 94960

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            Ann Walker is catering our Berkeley wedding within the month. That was our definite favorite of the four caterers we sampled. She produced incredible food.

          2. Hugh Groman Catering. They're right on MLK and Dwight. www.hughgromancatering.com