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World’s Best Candy Bars?

The World’s Best Candy Bars? English, of Course

NY Times article at:

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  1. I laughed as I read that article b/c i had just returned from an English import shop a few towns over where I stocked up on Cadbury Crunchies and Flake bars. I traveled to Ireland many times as a child and loved the chocolate selection over there. And they have Cadbury Creme Eggs year round - lucky bastards!

    I do think the English do milk chocolate the best, but personally my heart lies with very dark chocolate.

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      Hmm. Seems to be little more than a comparison of U.S. vs. Brit bars .. a fairly easy call.

      Give me a Violet Crumble from Sydney any day.

      But if Cioccolato Peyrano ever starts making "bars" it's all over ...

      1. re: repete

        I'd kill for a Violet Crumble, but the English Crunchie is a reasonable substitution and so much easier to find in Boston.

        1. re: sailormouth

          See, i'd kill for a Crunchie but the Violet Crumble is much easier to find in Seattle. :)

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        I love Cadbury Flake. I can't agree that the English, much as I love them, do milk chocolate best. I'd have to go with the Swiss on that one. For dark, I say Belgium rocks.

        That article is cool, I always thought the Cadbury chocolate tasted better and different in the UK and now I know why.

      3. I had to laugh when I read this article. My company is British based and whenever anyone goes over on business, they bring back chocolate! I brought back $20 worth of grocery store Cadbury's and my husband, son and I ate every bit within 4 days.

        I thought it was my imagination that the British Cadbury's were different than the US version until I read this article, so now I feel better about my palate!

        1. I grew up in a very Irish neighborhood in New York and have spent years trying to convince people that American Cadbury bars just aren't the same. I'm partial to the Flake bar.

          1. The very Swedish "Marabou" milk chocolate bar. Heaven.

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              I work for an Englishman and he keeps a hoard of Flakes, Kit Kats and more around the office -- unfortunately, they just don't taste that good to me. After many taste tests of the candy that he craves to no avail, he finally gave me a Dime bar, which I loved. Then I looked at the label -- it's a Swedish candy you can get at Ikea under the name Daim. I guess British chocolates still haven't made the top of my list!

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                Daim is my absolute favorite toffee bar. Better than Skor and way better than Heath! If you love Daim, try the Marabou bar with bits of Daim in it. it just doesn't get any better!

            2. I couldn't read the article without Times Select. What are some of the candy bars' names? There's a British import shop about 30 minutes away, and I go over there once a month to bank for my mom. I think I'll be making a side trip in August...

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                The article opened up fine for me. Maybe try again?

                Anyway, here are the candy bars mentioned:
                Kit Kats
                Curly Wurly
                Cadbury Flake
                Cadbury Dairy Milk
                Cadbury Milk bars
                Mars bar (apparently like American Milky Way)
                Malteser malt ball

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                  Thanks! Now I have reason to be excited about doing the bookkeeping in August--a side run to the British import shop near the bank.

                  BTW, the link didn't pull up the Times Select page this time, how strange. I was able to read the article. Thanks for taking the trouble at any rate.

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                    Aero bars on sale this week at Best Yet/Market (NY Metro area), planning on trying one myself finally.

                  2. What, no Wunderbar, Coffee Crisp, Lion, Whatchamacallit or Bounty?

                    I can't read the article because I only have free registration. Is this supposed to some sort of definitive list?

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                      Snackhappy, I only have free registration and it came up for me today.

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                        Yeah, the first time a Times Select form came up, but the second I got the (free) log in page and then the article. So, give it another try.

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                          Coffee Crisp would be near the very top of my list. Along with Whatchamacallit, yes.

                        2. Crunchie was my favorite candy bar until I was introduced to Ritter Sport, and now Crunchie seems WAY too sweet.

                          1. I'm also one who greatly prefers dark chocolate. But of the candy bars that are sold in London at the news agents (as opposed to the gourmet shops), I like Double Deckers and Lion bars best.

                            Fortunately, I can get them (at a premium of course) at World Market.

                            1. I can agree with the mention of Malteser malt balls on the list. I brought home a dozen bags with me once while travelling overseas.

                              But I agree with some other posters about one thing: no Coffee Crisp??? (Love that stuff.)

                              1. I like real cadbury bars but they are too hard to come by. my favorite these days is the green & black milk or dark. by far the best readily available chocolate bar (available at whole foods and harris teeter in north carolina).

                                1. Life would be depressing without KinderBueno. Best candy bar EVER!

                                  1. Toppris by Freia (Norway). absolute best in the world.

                                    1. I prefer Swiss dark chocolate. Cadbury's is good, but it's milk chocolate and too sweet for me. For those having a hard time finding Cadbury's, my local English tearoom has a website for those hoping to order specific Cadbury's hard-to-find items:


                                      I will say that if I have an immediate chocolate craving, I hate to admit that I love me a Take 5 or Snickers bar.

                                      Where can one get a "Kinderbueno" or a "Toppris"? Are they available in the US?

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                                      1. re: gottasay

                                        Some grocery stores with very expansive ethnic/intl depts carry Kinder Bueno (though I've yet to find one), but you can get them online as well. The only grocery store I've heard that carries them is ShopRite, which doesn't exist outside of the east coast. And something odd is they just list them with "nut filling" instead of "hazlenut filling" like they're sold in Europe. Either way, find one and deliciousness awaits you!

                                        1. re: reubensandperrier

                                          There's also a Turkish copy of the Kinder Bueno. I find it at my local middle-eastern markets. It's quite good, maybe better than the original. I can't remember the name though.

                                          I enjoy Turkish candy bars for their novelty more than for their quallity. Most of them are not as good as the western originals, but this Bueno knock-off is really good.

                                          1. re: SnackHappy

                                            Oooh! That sounds intriguing. If you ever come across it again, please tell me!

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                                              So I went to my local Lebanese grocery store and bought a few of those Turkish candy bars. I attached a photo. The Kinder Bueno clone is called Nutymax. Wish is a Bounty imposter. It's not as good as the original, but it might be better than Mounds, which I haven't had in a few years. Finally, Twingo is a Twix (Raider?) knock-off. It's good, but not as good as Twix.

                                              They're all made by Sölen. http://www.solen.com.tr/en/home/index...

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                                                Oooh, thank you so much for posting these! Very interesting - they even have their own version of the KinderEgg! I'll def look for these when I go to the middle eastern market next time.

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                                            Kinder bars are sold in many Italian delis in the NY area-- they are the original versions, too.

                                            1. re: vvvindaloo

                                              While in London/Scotland I absolutely fell in love with Cadbury's giant white chocolate bars. I lived on them for 2 weeks.

                                              For a quick grab here I like 3 Musketeers Dark Chocolate/Mint.

                                          3. not sure this fits the bill but it's my new favorite.

                                            1. My American favorites:
                                              -- heath
                                              -- mounds
                                              -- U-No (do they still exist?) As a kid I would freeze them before eating.

                                              1. Cherry Ripe from Australia gets my vote!

                                                1. American candy bars are WAY too sweet. The article says something about Americans thinking that everyone loves a Hershey bar.

                                                  Well, I'm American and I HATE a Hershey bar, so there!

                                                  Recently had some 72% chocolate sent to me from England - it was REALLY good.

                                                  1. The one favorite in any food category that hasn't changed since childhood is Reese's Pieces.

                                                    That said, Crunchie, Flake, Skor, Coffee Crisp, both the Cadbury Creme Egg and Cadbury Whipped (?) Egg, Baby Ruth, Kit Kat Peanut Butter, Ritter Sport Marzipan, and "a random purchase at KaDeWe" have all been on the right side of the list too.


                                                    1. Dark chocolate Kit Kat