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Jul 13, 2007 02:06 PM

Good eats near Green Lake Park (SEA)

I'm visiting my sister from Boston and I'd love to further explore Seattle's awesome food options. I'm not opposed to suggestions that aren't near Green Lake, but please keep in mind that we don't have a car. My sister and I are very adventuerous and we'd love to try anything. For example, there is a little french restaurant in Cambridge, MA that does a "Chef's whim" twice a week. You choose how many courses you want, the chef makes what he pleases and brings it out to you! I'd love to find something like that in Seattle. Two places we are definitly going to visit are Dick's (of course) and Elemental@Gasworks. Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. Nell's at Greenlake offers a sublime dinner experience. For lunch, Duke's original Chowder is outstanding.

    1. Tbug, you're referring to Craigie St Bistrot in Cambridge, perhaps? There are numerous restaurants that do tasting menus here, but within walking distance of Green Lake...perhaps Tilth (which is not that close to Greenlake, on 45th) where you can put together a tasting from half-portions etc.

      1. Stumbling Goat is on Greenwood Ave just up the hill west of Greenlake-it's very neighborhood-y, French/Northwest and very good (make a reservation).

        I'm hearing very good things about Art of the Table, just south of Greenlake (you can take a bus down Stone Way). That might be up your alley:

        1. For a chef's choice menu, go to Pasta Freska. It's not walking distance of Greenlake, but it's on Westlake near Lake Union. Their dinners are something to behold.

          I highly recommend it.

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            That looks like fun! What is the price range of Pasta Freska's dinners?

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              Every time I've been there it's run a little less than about $50 pp. That includes all of the wine.

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                Wow. I forgot how much I missed the Pacific Northwest!

          2. I really like Eva - good food, casual atmosphere, reasonably priced, and a decent wine list.

            I would second Nell's - but I would say it is probably one of the least adventurous places around.

            Eva Restaurant & Wine Bar
            2227 N 56th St, Seattle, WA 98103

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              I was searching for some reviews (other than yelp) on Eva Restaurant & Wine Bar before my husband and I went to check them out...your review was the most right on, so thanks for that. We also tried Pasta Freska mentioned on here too, as we had heard a little about them as well, and they were also delicious. A huge bonus is that Eva is in the Greenlake area whereas we still had to venture downtown to Pasta Freska on Westlake Ave. All in all, both places were great, fab wine list at Eva, and both reasonably priced :)