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Jul 13, 2007 02:06 PM

Gyu-kaku - ok for kids?

We're new in town (from NYC) and haven't been out to any restaurants yet. My parents are visiting and I made an early reservation at Gyu-kaku tonight. Is it the kind of place that we'll feel comfortable bringing the kids? Besides the messy factor, they're actually pretty well behaved when out in public. Just wondering if I made a mistake...

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  1. I think they will like it, but make sure they don't touch the grill or try to cook, unless they are at least 9 or older, in which case, it might be fun to teach them how to cook.

    1. My kids, esp. my 12 year old daughter and her friends, love the joint. Younger kids might like it too, although they have to be mildly adventurous as far as kids' food tastes go.

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        Make sure that you order the smores for them.. great desert.. totally fine, been taking my sone there since he was 5. he loves it and I let him turn some food on the grill as well. have fun..

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          They don't have to be adventurous at all! Chicken and rice! Simple veggies. I think fabulous for kids, took my kids there from the day they opened in WLA. Don't forget to treat them to the S'mores for dessert!

        2. Thanks everyone! I am actually not concerned at all about whether or not they will like the food - they eat pretty much everything - I was just hoping that nobody would mind a little mess and some kid noise...two 1yr olds and a 2 yr old. We'll be sure to keep them away from the grill.

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            From my experiences at the Pasadena location, it typically populated with kids and teenagers, especially on the weekends.. so I don't think a little noise will be a problem.

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              The one and only time we went (Pasadena location) it was a family thing - one of our friends who worked there had just graduated from college, and the crowd ranged from elderly to a baby. I don't know about the baby (though she was mostly pretty cheerful) but everyone else had a good time. I got to see a little kid discover that you can actually eat an octopus! That was way fun.

            2. re: mamathree

              At that age, yes, keep them away from the grill! Didn't realize how young, but it should work out! Simple chicken, beef, veggies, you may have to ask for more plates and a knife to cut into smaller pieces. Another thought, as I am mostly a WLA location patron (although have been to both NYC locations) my experience is that WLA is very small, cramped and no room for high chairs or sassy seats if you bring your own. Best to check out the situation depending on the location.