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Jul 13, 2007 01:38 PM

Mystic, CT for breakfast

Just looking for a place near Mystic Village off 95 for breakfast sunday morning. Diners, greasy spoons, or nicer places. Anything is great. Thanks, Richie

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  1. Somewhere in Time it is just down rte 27 on rte 184 a short drive from the Mystic village. They make a great Banana bread french toast!

    1. Kitchen Little,Kitchen Little, ,Kitchen Little. The only place I'd eat breakfast in the Mystic area. Everything I've ever eaten there was delish. Small place so there's a line on weekends.

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          Noah's has a great breakfast the rest of the week and brunch in Sunday - Stonington Borough - exit 95 (I think ) after Mystci - the sign will say or call it 860-535-3925 - I think.

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            Both of these places were recomended on Rachel Ray's $40 / day when she went to Mystic but I haven't tried them yet. We ate at Anthony J's last night for dinner and will return - Jack's for a beer if you're interested...

        2. re: chefstu

          Right you are, its Kitchen Little. There can be lines weekend or not and the inside is just as the name says "little". And like you it is the destination spot for breakfast in that area. We will pass up Stonington with its "Noah's" in favor of Kitchen Little and a short drive to reach it.

        3. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but....Kitchen Little. When we vacation on the Cape, we leave from Jersey and won't eat breakfast until we hit Kitchen Little. (and we've bought their mugs and have had our coffee from them for years!)

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            We drove by Kitchen Little and there was a line and there was no parking! The parking area is tiny too! We drove up to Somewhere in Time and had to wait 10 or so minutes but plenty of parking. The banana bread french toast was good, my partner had that along with a peaches and blueberries compote over french toast. I had the usual eggs, sausage, bacon, and homefries. I didn't think the homefries were that good, near the bottom of my list as far as home fries go. ON the way home we stopped by Lenny and Joes in Madison and he had trhe calm strip platter which was really good and I am the fried chicken breast platter. The chicken was so moist and yummy. I would go back there again. I don't mind going up that way on a sunday but the drive back down 95 south is awful, awful, awful!!!!! We drove up rte 1 as far as Watch Hill and Misquamacit(sp?). It was very hot today but that area of Rhode Island is very nice.

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              I'm glad you decided on Somewhere in Time. Sorry to hear about the fries, though. Their daily breakfast specials are usually good, as are the pancakes and breakfast burritos. The muffins are one of my favorites- they cut them in half vertically and throw them on the grill for a toast. Coffee is grab your own and pay later - unlimited refills always a good thing.
              As for Kitchen Little, the place is overrated and very lucky to be on the main road from I-95 to the village. My last experience there consisted of slow service, raw onions in my omelet, and general uncleanliness.

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                I'm sorry you missed Kitchen Little! I eat there every Saturday morning, and it's consistantly fine. I usually order either the pancake special of the day or poached eggs. Really well prepared, with fast and cheerful service. I get there early, so parking isn't a problem.

            2. We ate at Kitchen Little early on a Sunday morning, so we didn't have to wait, and we were able to get parking. However the quarters are VERY close - we ended up practically dining with another couple, as their table was just a few inches from ours. They're not kidding when they say Kitchen Little! The food was good, but I was uncomfortable sitting so close to other people, especially early in the morning. We actually had to interrupt their breakfast and ask them to stand up so we could leave our table.

              The food was decent, and there's a beautiful view of the Mystic River, but if you get a little claustrophobic, you might want to try somewhere else.

              1. Kitchen Little. I had a vacation home in Mystic for over 20 years (just sold it, moved to the RI Southcounty and am missing KL badly!) Nothing quite like it. Go early to avoid the wait, or go later and meet some of your new best friends while waiting on line. My kids favorite prank was to list our name as "Donner" on the sign-in board by the front door. That way, the hostess would announce "Donner, party of four". Their little minds loved the perverseness of it. Try it if you are up to it!