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ISO advice re: roasted banana ice cream

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For those of you who have made the Lebovitz roasted banana ice cream, do you think I can make it with frozen, very ripe, bananas? I've read over the directions and I can't see why not, but would love advice from somebody who has made it and can maybe see a pitfall that isn't obvious to me.


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  1. It'll be fine. You roast them before doing anything else, so just check to make sure they're all cooked through before taking them out of the oven.

    1. I did a search for the recipe online, to no avail . . .any way you can post it? Adapted, of course. Not a big fan of bananas, but it sounds pretty kind of great . . .

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        If you're not a big fan of banans, you won't like this ice cream, it is very very banana-y. There are paraphrased versions of the recipe in the The Perfect Scoop thread, check it out.

      2. You should be fine so long as you completely roast them well.