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Jul 13, 2007 01:05 PM

Asheville recs?

Hi All

My girlfriend and I will be in Asheville for 2 nights, Sunday and Monday July 22 and 23. I'm looking for a nice, but moderately priced restaurant for dinner each of those nights. Geographically, we'll be downtown. Limones looks perfect, but its closed Sunday and Monday. I'd like somewhere with a bit of atmosphere....I'm thinking Salsa's is more casual than I have in mind (but I may be wrong on that). Maybe Zambra, Left Bank, Flying Frog, Caterina Trattoria, Chorizo? Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Limones is one of Asheville's best and is open for Sunday brunch until three p.m. Fig is certainly a worthy choice but may be pricier than you have in mind. Stoney Knob in Weaverville is great if you don't mind a slight drive. I also like 28806 on Patton Ave. in West Asheville. Of the ones you mention, I like Salsa, Zambra, and Chorizo, in that order. Salsa is very cramped and very casual, though, and tends to get louder as the evening wears on, so get there early rather than late.

    Enjoy your visit!

    1. If they're open on Sun & Mon, I'd consider:
      Mela - Indian
      Bouchon - French bisto, very authentic
      Chorizo - South American/Caribbean fusion??? What ever it is, it's great
      Modesto - Italian
      Zambra - Tapas, very interesting small dishes.
      Table ~ a little more expensive than the others - eclectic american

      If you can get down to Biltmore Village:
      Corner Kitchen - consistently good modern southern
      Rezaz - eastern mediterranean
      Fig - beloved by many on this board, but also a little more expensive

      I ate at Flying Frog about 2 weeks ago - it was expensive and good, but not great
      Caterina Trattoria has been off my list since they moved off Pack Square, it just doesn't work anymore.

      Most of the restaurants have sidewalk or patio dining, great for people watching.

      I'd definitely start the evening (or late afternoon) with some wine at Sante - in the Grove Arcade.

      Enjoy Asheville, it's a beautiful city. And let us know where you ate.

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        I think Nancy has given you some excellent rec's, though I am not as familiar with Bouchon, Chorizon or Modesto - the latter two seem to be improving, though reviews are still somewhat inconsistent.
        I'm heading to Zambra's this weekend so will see if anything has changed since our last visit. I really like Corner Kitchen and the fact that all of their wines are the same price by glass and Fig is one of our favorite splurges.
        Vigne is a new spot near the Orange Peel that I am eager to try.
        As Jeff mentioned - 28806 - we had an awesome meal there the other night.

      2. Fig is definitely open on Monday night. It is our favorite restaurant in Asheville. It is a little more expensive than the restaurants you mentioned, but well worth it. The service is also great. We also like Table and Rezaz.

        1. I'll put in a vote for Corner Kitchen (Biltmore Village). We had dinner there on Sunday nite (also open on Monday nite) and it was fabulous. I really like the fact that they have a large wine by the glass selection - most of which are $6. Really enjoyed the ahi tuna appetizer and my husband loved his steak. Everything we saw coming out of the kitchen looked mouth-wateringly good and plates were being virtually licked clean.
          Dinner for us was 1 appetizer, 1 salad, 2 wines, 1 entree (one of the highest priced) and it was right at about $60

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          1. re: leahinsc

            Wow! That IS a bargain, but then I usually am impressed with the value at Asheville's better establishments versus similar restaurants in Charlotte, Atlanta, and Charleston. Will definitely have to give Corner Kitchen a try.