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Jul 13, 2007 12:54 PM

Looking for something fun/inexpensive/delish in the W. Village for tonight

Can anyone help with this? I love ALL types of cuisine, particularly spanish, french, middle eastern, new american, indian. By inexpensive, I mean that for two people, we will probably need one drink each, one appetizer to share and one entree each, to total no more than $50. Obviously this is a tight budget (we're students) but there's gotta be something in the West Village that fits the bill. A fun, laid-back ambience is a plus. Perhaps something like 'ino...any ideas?


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  1. Moustache...Middle Eastern on Bedford between Grove and Barrow.

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      Thanks--Do you have any dish recommendations for Moustache? Is it usually busy on Fri nights?

      1. re: mollyjeanette

        I love the falafel and fresh lemonade. I haven't been on a Friday night, but I would assume that it is busy.

    2. Karahi - very good, newish Indian place on Christopher near Hudson st.

      Isle - very decent Thai on Bleecker on the east side of 7th Ave. Cheap noodle dishes and curries, along with some fish and meat specials. Good beer and drink selection at fair prices, too.

      1. hope you hada good meal last night -just wanted to throw out there a little Italian place called Sapore-its tiny but cheap and pretty sold foodwise -its italian which is everywhere in manhattan but still worth checking out

        1. I'd go for Dragonfly. Nothing like 'ino, but pretty cool place for people-watching.