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Jul 13, 2007 12:50 PM

Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey

Has anybody had this stuff? Looks like it's mainly just available in Colorado but is starting to make it's way into some surrounding states, I know it is available in Nebraska for sure. I've read so good things about it, but was just looking for some more opinions. It is on the pricey side, $55 for a 750ml.


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  1. I recently tried it as part of a single malt tasting. Here are my notes.

    Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey
    Denver, Colorado
    Aged 2 years, 47% alcohol

    Stranahan's doesn't use the term single malt, but it is a barley-based whiskey. Unlike the other distilleries listed here, Stranahan's only makes whiskey, and their whiskey is all-Colorado, using only local water and local barley. It's even tough to find a bottle outside of the state (I was lucky enough to snag some on a trip to Denver).

    It's Bourbony but light. It has some strong banana flavor and some vanilla. I would guess that this does well over ice on a hot summer's day on the Front Range. Overall, a nice whiskey, and again, nothing like scotch. Lots of potential here and I'll be watching their future bottlings.

    There is some weirdness going on with these Colorado folks. The bottle is capped with a flimsy metal shot glass, presumably so one can leave the store and get right to drinkin'. The label on my bottle notes that while it was being distilled the distiller was "listening to Bjork." Well, this may be good whiskey, but that's just creepy.

    To sum up: I like it.

    For the full review:

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      I just read and really enjoyed your review of Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. I am a single malt fan (Macallan and Glenfiddich most recently) but am always interested in new whiskeys. Do you think that the Stranahan's is worth the $55 price? I live in Colorado, so finding it is not a problem. Thanks.

      1. re: cbh

        I'd say it's overpriced. It's decent, and at $25 would be a good buy, but it isn't of the quality of a $55 whiskey. That being said, this is just a two year old whiskey and it has potential. Once they give it a few more years in the barrel and come out with a ten year old, they might really be onto something.

        1. re: sku

          Thanks for the advice. I hate to not get the value out of a purchase. I agree with you, give Stranahan's a few more years and see what they come up with. Thanks again.

    2. Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey received a rating of "90" in the 2007 Whiskey Bible, as reviewed by Jim Murray, I think the highest rating I have ever seen is "96".

      1. I had it for the first time last night at a Scotch tasting and ironically won a bottle as a door prize. To me it's a very well made product and very unique. The neat thing about it is that it's very hard to describe in "known terms" since at least my knowledge of Whiskey is very structured / compartmentalized. It has the grace and complexity of a rich single malt Scotch but has a flavor profile more similar to a well made Bourbon. It's not as sweet / cloying as a Kentucky whiskey nor the light / sweet profile of Canadian. It's decidedly rich and flavorful and I think would be good over some ice with (God Forbid) even a splash of water. I can almost guarantee if you are a small batch Bourbon fan or a Crown Royal drinker you are going to really enjoy this. If you, like me, are simply stuck on Scotch and tolerate nothing else you probably will find it interesting but not something to keep on hand. I owe this more to a one time abuse in high school (thanks Jack Daniels) than anything else. I am going to sell my unopened bottle and use the proceeds to purchase a Scotch that I couldn't otherwise afford. Hoping to do it on craigslist without being caught! Write me if you are in Central Denver and are interested in a below-mkt price bottle. And darn tootin I'll be checking ID to prove 21+ so don't ask about it if you're not. sonofawhatthe _ @ _ gmail dott com