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Jul 13, 2007 12:26 PM

The Great Greek

I'm going here tonight for a goodbye dinner for a friend and wanted suggestions on what to order, what stands out and what to avoid.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hummus is very good. If you like lamb, I would also highly recommend their "famous oven roasted spring lamb". It is really good. I didn't think their chicken breast kabob was that great, not enough flavor for me. Its a fun place!

    1. I am, no joke, eating take out from Great Greek as I type this!!! I am lunching on the Vegetarian Platter which includes Hummus, Tabouli, Tziki, Baba, Feta, salad, spanakopita, rice, veg, fava beans....OH MY GOD SO GOOD!!!! Eat up!

      1. Try the Great Greek feast. A LOT of food.

        I like the htapodi (octopus) and the vegetarian Platter.

        My husband is addicted to the lamb

        Avoid the kabobs, they al seem a little dry to me.

        The lamb is always good. Pay extra for the chicago style pits, it's worth it.

        1. We ended up having to cancel, but since I'm in the neighborhood failry regularly, I'll take these suggestions into consideration next time. Thanks.

          1. When you do go, try the stuffed grape leaves. They also have a cognac-flamed cheese appetizer that's fantastic.

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              Most greek places do the flaming cheese. It's one of those showy things American love, so pretty much every Greek joint will do it. The best places can do a few plates of cheese at a time. Opa!

              1. re: Diana

                Make sure you order the egg lemon chicken soup (I don't remember how to spell the proper name, avgolemono?). I 2nd and 3rd the vegetarian platter but also make sure you order the pita that they bring in from (again, I forget where but I think it is flown in from out of state).