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Jul 13, 2007 12:24 PM

Dinner at Bistrot Lepic, Breakfast at Luna Grill

We escaped to DC for a quick overnight. I didn't feel like anything over-the-top fancy. A French bistro sounded perfect. Bistrot Lepic is on Wisconsin near R in Georgetown. We took a cab from Dupont Circle but there seemed to be plenty of on-street parking available near the restaurant. The bistro is cozy with ok decor. The staff was very friendly and French. I started with a lemon risotto with grilled shrimp. It was good but the presentation in a deep, small bowl made it difficult to cut and eat the single, large shrimp. Husband's lobster bisque was ok but not the best he'd had. My rockfish special was good and then excellant when I figured out that I needed to swirl every bite in the yummy reduced red pepper sauce at the bottom. My husband claimed his lamb was fantastic. My dessert was so wonderful I don't even remember what my husband was eating across from me. Mine was a chunk of moist meringue in creme anglaise. The meringue was topped with almonds and drizzled syrup.

Breakfast the next morning at Luna Grill on Connecticut was good, nothing exceptional. We ate on the back outdoors patio. Its a pleasant, simple place to eat breakfast before heading to the musuems or shops.

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  1. The dessert you had was Ile Flottant, or Floating Island. A French standard.

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      Thanks Steve. Yes, when I described it to my 16 yo daughter she told me that it is called a Floating Island. She watches way too much Food Network! I eat gluten free so it was a perfect dessert for me.