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Jul 13, 2007 12:23 PM

Sushi in downtown Cincinnati

Is there anywhere downtown for sushi in Cincinnati? I've asked around quite a bit and no one seems to know of any place.

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  1. from cincy but only visit now so i haven't eaten sushi downtown only other places. have only heard of ko sho and the sushi bar at benihana. but newport on the levee and mt. adams aren't far - depends on your needs.

    1. Ko-sho and Benihana are the only options downtown. Newport on the Levee has Aoi and Pacific Moon. Partysouce has sushi in their deli case. I'm pretty sure Jeff Ruby's South Beach in Covington has sushi. Mount Adams has Teak. Hyde Park has Beluga, Bangkok Bistro, Sake Bomb, and Wild Ginger. Mount Lookout has Aqua and Sushi Ray.

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        Sushi Ray is no longer in business. In its location is Dancing Wasabi, which also has sushi.

      2. There is no decent Sushi that I know of in Downtown, OK I will admit I am picky but when it comes to Sushi you should be. Teak always manages to disappoint me somehow although I have not done sushi there in a while, the last time (two months) I was there the service and food was so bad I swore I would never go back. Mt Adams Fish house (yea, I know they are the same owners) works some of the time, Aqua is overpriced and I can't stand the yuppie crowd and music. I hear The Waterfront has decent but it is SOOooo stuck in that 80s deesco thing. For sushi in the Cincinnasti area you have got to drive south. The best places I know of are out near Florence.

        THE best.#1
        ( 859 ) 746 - 1199
        7149 Manderlay dr. Florence Ky ,41042

        Best Kept Secret Sushi, eat at the bar on a Friday or Sat. it's a hoot. #2
        Chung Ki Wha Korean Barbeque and Sushi Truckstop
        (859) 525-9978
        7800 Commerce Dr
        Florence, KY 41042

        Good food, hard to find.#3
        ( 859 ) 746 - 2634
        3940 OLYMPIC BLVD,ERLANGER,KY,41018

        1. I would say there is not good sushi downtown. If you are willing to drive a bit. I go to AOI in newport (service is wonderful), sake bomb in Hyde park (service is so so), and then i hear that JoAn's is wonderful, but it is a little more of a hike. It was orginally opened for the toyota executives. If you want a relaxed byob (no corkage fee) there is asiana in oakley.