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Jul 13, 2007 12:10 PM

Chacarero and other Filene's building occupants closing 7/31

Not sure if this has been posted already, but read in today's Boston Now newspaper that Chacarero and other places in the Filene's building downtown were given eviction notices. They will be booted 7/31.

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  1. I will severely miss the gyros at Mediterraneo.

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    1. re: avial

      Quel domage. At least we still have Charcero on Province Street.

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        Any particular gyros we should try before 7/31?

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          Me too avial. Thanks noodleyum for this heads-up, I never would have known to try to hit Mediterraneo as often as I can before the end of the month!

        2. Had my last Mediterraneo gyro today. They're looking for other space and will put a sign up at this location..to announce it. Same people own the Richardson's Ice Cream booth and Sabroso Tacqueria.

          I'm wishing them luck. They do a good job.

          Chacarero at least has the Province St store.


            I just finished what probably will be my last Chacarero from the original location (and boy was it good; I now use the adjective "extra" twice when asking for extra hot sauce, as in "extra, extra hot"). They already have a sign out front that indicates "This Location Now Closed" (I was worried when I got there that it already had closed, but alas it has not, and will be open through the end of the month). The sign also indicates, however, that they will be opening a new location at 101 Arch. One of the women behind the counter said it likely will open in September.

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              Blumie, that will probably be at the former Zita location.

              I had a couple tacos from Sabroso today... no signs at all indicating that they are closing. Also, I did not see any signs at Mediterranean Gyros either.

              1. re: Alcachofa

                I hope the Zita space isn't jinxed. That was also a short stint as Osushi..the sushi place in the Westin Hotel.

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                  I have to imagine that Chacarero can make it work if anyone can!

                  1. re: Blumie

                    I hope so; if not they still have Province St.

                    I think the rent is very high in that spot and maybe Meditarraneo, Sabroso and Chacarero could make a mini mall in there? All 3 have their workers in real tight quarters in the Filene's building.

                    That's partially a joke, but it's a shame when a city like Boston can't accomodate a few hard working folk that are putting out great food; and we'll get stuck with another hi rise condo/hotel/office bldg with a Cheesecake Factory on the ground floor.

                    Please excuse the OT rant..:)

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                      No apologies necessary. Some of the employees at Chacarero have been there for as long as I can remember; I hope they're being taken care of.

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                  i talked to the cashier at Sabrosa on Monday and he confirmed that they were closing this week. i don't know if they are trying to keep it quiet or what. he said they have known this would happen for months. he also said that the local real estate market has been anticipating this frantic search for new locations and has raised rents as a result. i don't know what kind of rent they are paying now, but he said they've been quoted $8000-9000 monthly rent for a new space.

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                    I suspect they're not trying to keep it quiet, given the giant banner that's been hanging out front all week announcing "THIS LOCATION IS CLOSED." I also have a hard time believing that the closing is having a significant impact on the commercial real estate market. And according to the sign, they've already landed a new location: 101 Arch.

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                      just to clarify...my post was about Sabrosa, not Chacarero.

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                        Sorry, I missed that (even though you were very clear in your original post).

              2. I actually spoke to the chacarero owner Juan today. I'm doing a story on the evicted tenants for the Regional Report newspaper. He is fuming mad. Apparently, they were evicted a month before they were told they would have to vacate. He seemed genuinely upset about the closing, and skeptical that he would ever do business at Arch St. like he did outside Filenes...which is probably true.

                1. Has anyone learned whether Mediterraneo has found space? It is now late September and I haven't located them. I know during their last month they were thinking they had some options. Thanks.