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Jul 13, 2007 11:53 AM

Need food mill advice

Is there a food mill that actually works and doesn't fall apart within a month?

I bought one from Linens and Things which did not work at all... food would just spin around without passing through the bottom. Next I bought a Kuchenprofi, which worked great, except that the handle came loose, so that turning the handle no longer was able to spin the blade.

Sur La Table is offering me store credit for the Kuchenprofi. There is one more expensive variety which they sell, which is the Cuisipro. Has anyone tried this? It's quite expensive, but I guess the fact that I don't have to lay out so much money right now since I have credit will take away the sting a little bit.


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  1. I bought one at Williams and Sonoma several years back and have been happy with it. Good heavy stainless steel construction with the handle welded on.

    1. OXO makes one that looks pretty good. I just bought one a couple of weeks ago to use in making tomato sauce, so I can't tell you how it holds up. But their stuff is pretty reliable, I've found. I love the silicone base... it doesn't slip and they fold up for storage. Check it out...

      1. Many hardware stores will sell Foley Food mills. I have owned 2 in 32 years of marriage. I used the first for a long time before the graing holes wore out. It is an all around quality product. See if you can find one.

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          A Foley food mill is the old reliable, and you should be able to find one in any hardward store for a pittance. It will last forever.

        2. I have owned the Cuisipro for a number of years and I like it a lot. I have used it for a variety of things (applesauce, tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, soups) and I like the versatility of the 3 different discs.

          1. The one I have is a little white plastic number with a red wood handle, and it works like a champ. I think it's identical to the Moulinex brand which is widely available in Europe but nonexistent in the states. It's made by RSVP and costs about 20 bucks; I had the best luck finding it at a mom-n-pop kitchen shop.

            The Cuisipro is a terrific one, but I'm not sure I'd want to drop 90 bucks on it when the RSVP costs so much less.