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Jul 13, 2007 11:29 AM

New! Best! Amazing in the SFV...

Hello Chowhounds!
I am a coordinator for a tv show in Studio City and it is my job to make sure the writers are happy every single day. One of my jobs is to coordinate lunch and dinner for a staff of 12-15 people daily. I am hoping you all could give me some suggestions of great NEW, BEST, and AMAZING places within a 5 mile radius of Studio City that I could treat my writers too. THEY LOVE it when I give them a menu for a place they've never been.

Usually we try not to spend more than $15 per person per meal and the place should be able to accomodate take out orders for 12-15 people.

Thank you!!!!!

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  1. I dunno about NEW. But here are my BES, AMAZING favorites

    Il Tiramisu, Ventura Blvd Shermn Oaks

    Ganga Din, Ventura Place, Studio City

    Woodlands Pure, Topanga Canyon Blve, Chatsworth (out of the radius, but the best lunch and Friday dinner Indan Buffets EVER-vegetarian)

    The Dressing room, Dsign your own salad or pick a pre made, ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks

    Artisan Cheese Gallery, cheese plates, amazing sandwiches Studio city, ventura blvd

    Hugo's, Riverside Blvd, Studio City-organice and flling american food.

    Gelson's Deli/salad bar/Woldfgang Puck to Go, North Hollywood on Laurel Canyon

    Sushi Delivery, Studio City, Riverside Blvd.

    Risotto, Ventura Blvd, Studio City Italian

    Vegan table, Ventura, Studio City

    Stanley's, Ventura Blvd, Sherman oaks (salads, entrees, and more)

    Simon's Cafe, Sherman Way, Sherman Oaks Moroccan

    Chili My Soul, Encino, Ventura Blvd over 12 different chilis available a day, you can look online

    Good luck trying to make any writer happy every single day!

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      Thank you Diana! If I make one writer happy every other day, I'm winning the war.

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        Great list, and I'll add...

        Carnival, Sherman Oaks

        Flora's Falafel


        Zankou, Sherman Oaks

        Hugo's Tacos

        Caioti Pizza Cafe

        Wat Thai

        Boneyard Bistro


        Joe Peep's

        Out Take

        More Than Waffles

        Vivian's Cafe


        Salads Galore



      2. I asked my nephew who works on the lot at CBS-Radford. His show orders many times from Art's Deli in Studio City. He told me that they love the food and that Art's does food for other shows as well.

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        1. Katsu-ya on Ventura at Colfax is my favorite sushi place in LA. Caioti on Tujunga between Moorpark and Riverside has great pizza. Poquito Mas on Cahuenga just past Lankershim has wonderful Mexican.

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          1. I would also suggest Aroma Cafe on Tujunga for good sandwiches and desserts. You may also want to check out Outtake Cafe on Ventura.

            1. Ohana BBQ at 11269 Ventura Blvd., Studio City (818)-508-3192 has great Hawaiian and Korean dishes and for the size group you mention will deliver (be sure to ask for extra kim chee - no one will be able to talk to their friends for a couple of days because it is liberally laced with garlic and is quite spicy). Second choice would be Chiangsan for really good Thai food and they also deliver within a three mile radius which I believe works for you. They are at 5145 Colfax, No. Hollywood (Colfax at Magnolia). (818)760-1283. Third choice would be Village Gourmet on Tujunga near Moorpark. Could put a great platter of assorted sandwiches together for you. Love their imported soppressata, genoa and italian salami. Their Proscuitto sandwich is excellent. 4357 Tujunga (818)-487-3807. Mangia!!!!