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Jul 13, 2007 11:12 AM

Need Lunch Restaurant in Route to Palo Alto Tomorrow

Tomorrow (Saturday) I'm attending a wedding and need a lunch suggestion. The first ceremony is in the morning in San Jose and the second is in the late afternoon in Palo Alto. I'll need to get lunch in-between the two and would prefer something closer to Palo Alto for logistical reasons. Would like ethnic food (Vietnamese, Thai, etc., but no Indian--we'll get that at the reception at night), a place with table service where we can be dressed up (we don't need a fancy restaurant per se, though), and someplace that has a nice atmosphere. All price points are OK. Any suggestions?


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  1. Consider Bistro Elan on California Ave., where you can go dressed up and have a lovely long lunch.

    1. Tamarine would be my choice. Good food and nice ambiance.

      Tamarine Restaurant
      546 University Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94301

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        Both Bistro Elan and Tamarine sound like good choices, but I'm afraid they're not open for lunch on Saturdays. I'll save the recommendations for another time--thanks.

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          You could check to see if Three Seasons is open. It's another upscale Vietnamese place in Palo Alto.

      2. Right ... Tamarine, Elan, Junoon all closed for lunch on Saturdays. There are two high end Chinese restaurants that are open in downtown palo alto for saturday lunch. Both are beautiful rooms & have very good service -- neither has outstanding food, but either might work:

        Mandarin Gourmet:


        1. I'm not sure if any of these exactly fit the bill or not, but since you mentioned Thai, here is a very recent thread on Thai in Palo Alto:

          1. i've been spending the summer working in palo alto and have been posting my lunch experiences in this thread:

            if la bodequita is open for lunch on saturdays, that would be a good choice in terms of food and service.

            i went to three seasons today and will post later, but i would go back again for the green beans, shrimp potstickers, and seafood fried rice. i didn't care for the chilean sea bass (not sustainable, i know. i didn't order it). the shrimp with red peppers was pretty good, and the lemongrass chicken was ok. they had very nice looking salads, but i didn't try any.

            maybe osteria?

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              duh, i forgot about quattro, which is the restaurant in the four seasons hotel in my complex. i've been there several times this summer. while i find the food there to be overpriced (beware the $5 ice tea, though it is good), you will not feel out of place to be dressed up, the food has always been good or very good, and it must be open for lunch on saturdays.

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                was also going to recommend quattro

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                osteria is closed for holiday until the 17th (i'm pretty sure it's the 17th.