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Jul 13, 2007 11:00 AM

Takeout in Portland?

I don't go out for dinner much (little kids, early bedtimes, few babysitters) but I do like good takeout. My favorite discovery so far is the chicken pot pie at Two Fat Cats (even my kids eat it!) I've also found that Uncle Billy's barbecue doesn't really survive even a short trip home, and Yosaku isn't really organized for takeout (the wait is endless). Where do you get takeout?

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  1. I'm in the same situation wrt kids/bedtimes/babysitters, so this is a topic near and dear to my heart (and wallet and waist). My favorite take out is Haggarty's. It's not the best Indian I've ever had, but it is good and plentiful and it holds up really well to the whole take out process. I also think Susan's Fish & Chips, just up the road, is also great take out - but it's great no matter where you eat it. Other menus on top of the pile - Pat's Pizza in Scarborough, DiPietro's (sandwiches) in South Portland, and Duckfat. All are pretty kid-friendly (except maybe Haggarty's & Duckfat, depending on your kids) and, generally speaking, won't break the bank.

    You're right, though - some good food just doesn't work well as take out. I will never get wings from The Great Lost Bear (my favorite thing there) because they are just ruined. And I've liked the Indian place on or right off Exchange St. (sorry - can't remember the name) when I go there, but don't like the food after a short trip home.

    Hope others respond - will be interested to see what other home-bound eaters are doing!

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      I have found that take out must be carefully planned if indeed you seek a great dining experience. I notice that anything fried will not be as you expect since the steam from the container degardes crispiness in quick order. In addition anything that is unpalatable soggy will also be a disappointment if meant to be served hot for the
      same reason.

      I have not run into too many great take out programs by finer restaurants. Generally it is ordinary styro boxes with lots of napkins (maybe). Bingas Wingas comes to mind as a well organized take out service with good variety for the kiddies of all ages, including burgers, chicken wings and many styles of sandwich.

    2. Have you tried Whole Foods for take out? They have a large selection of prepared items - very eclectic everything from ethnic foods to regular salads. We just did take out there and had grape leaves, tabouli, sweet potato salad, and stuffed portabello mushrooms (and a french baguette). We are grazers so we like to buy a little of alot of items, but they do have entree items too. Love that most stuff is sold by the lb, so you can buy as much or little as you like. You can find something you'd like, plus some kid friendly stuff too.
      Also like Riccetta's in South Portland for take out.

        1. Vientiane's pad thai is good for take out. King of the Roll is good for lunch takeout, unsure how it is at dinner time.

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            I second Vientiane for take-out. It's a little sketchy inside, but the food is great.

          2. Haggartys Brit- Indian for me,too. My kids love it. We live in Brunswick, but try to stop in whenever possible.