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Jul 13, 2007 10:38 AM

Asian-Style Ribs

There have been lots of great, recent posts on BBQ ribs (especially with regard to Daisy May, Rub, Hill Country, Dinosaur and Blue Smoke). I'd now like to hear opinions on the best Asian-style ribs - best tasting, fall-off-the-bone, great quality meat type of ribs. These don't necessarily have to be bbq ribs and I'd prefer to hear about great Asian-style ribs north of downtown (preferably UWS, Midtown West or Chelsea) but, if they're great, any location in Manhattan is fine.

This can obviously include Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc. places where you've had absolutely fabulous ribs - cheap or expensive. Not sure I can provide any recommendations, thus the reason for this post. Thanks!!

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  1. i went to ruby foos (UWS) years ago, and i liked their ribs. dont know if they are still open even. mr k's has decent reviews on that item.

    1. Chow Bar's plum glazed ribs are amazing. Had good Tamarind Glazed ribs at Kampuchea last night!

      1. What a great question! I have no answer, but have long been looking for places that do Kalbi (Korean-style short ribs) on the bone. That's definitely something worth trying if you can find it. Does anyone know of such places?

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          Kang Suh on 32nd street just east of Broadway has short ribs on the bone. Really good.

          1. Do you know Wok City, a take out/delivery only place, on Amsterdam between 66 & 67? They're not fall-off-the bone; more chewy--but I like them that way. And I wouldn't call them "fabulous" either. But I really like their ribs. Not at all fatty. Definitely in the "cheap" category. Large order, mabe a dozen ribs?, a bit over $10.

            I, too, like the tamarind ribs at Ruby Foo's. Probably the only thing I do like there.

            1. Nancy Lee's PIG HEAVEN on the upper east side has by far the best ribs for a chines restaurants-i have had many a version of ribs, both southern and western as well as asian. They use a premium cut of ribs with lots of fat juicy meat attached to the bone and the taste-well go see for yourself! 81st/2nd ave