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Jul 13, 2007 10:11 AM

Tomatoes how do you like them?

I love tomatoes and sometimes yes I like them cold. BUT, only on certain HOT food items (please note) just pizza or enchiladas, or a few cold ones dropped into a soup. More for the temperature and texture pleasure, not the flavor. Room temperature salads like a beautiful Caprese, would not be the same with a chilled tomato, now would it?

I love them both ways chilled, and room temperature. I'm sure that there are allot of opinions and yes they probably do lose some flavor, but my question is, "Are you willing to sacrifice the coldness factor for a little flavor?" Or is there absolutely no way, EVER a chance that you will you eat a chilly tomato.

This is NOT to be confused with the horrid, cold packed tomatoes that we all have seen in stores everywhere when its not tomato season. You know, those pale things that go for around $1.89 lb that they label "tomato". Like most of you, I always pass on those, and wait for vine ripened (and even those can be iffy) and or wait for the glorious tomato season.

Yes I know the tomato should not be stored below, 50 F, However, if it is merely for a couple of days, I don't notice any huge difference. So CH what do you like with your fresh tomatoes and how do you feel about the chill issue.
And what is your very favorite way to use them?


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  1. I love a tomato sandwich like I used to eat in Japan. Soft white bread, mayo, salt & pepper. Yum.

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        My version of the tomato sandwich is (good quality) tomatoes, sliced on top of Finnish dark, sour rye bread (no one bakes it like the Finns), with a little mild cheese on the bread. A light sprinkling of white pepper, herbal salt -and maybe fresh tiny bits of scallion (picked from the garden) on top of the tomato slices. Heaven.

        Or, Scandinavian new potatoes (the tiny, tender ones), herring & fresh locally grown tomatoes. Perfect meal.

        - I love tomatoes. I eat them any way they come. Raw, cold, room temperature, warm, hot, cooked -any way.

        I make all my tomato-sauces from scratch, of course.

      2. re: Oh Robin

        I prefer my tomatoes warm off the vine with a dash of sea salt after each bite.

        I like the sandwich you described but my favourite is tomato, aged provolone, and Vidalia onion between a sliced length of fresh baguette.

        I also like a salad of tomato, bocconcini and torn fresh basil, drizzled with EVOO.

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          Just like we eat them in the South! Perfection........

        2. i like my tomatoes room temperature. i love to just cut them up in round slices and sprinkle w/whatever cheese i have on hand - blue, goat, parm, etc. - drizzle with some balsamic and crack some salt & pepper. perfect. i also love fresh basil with them as well.

          1. I must confess that the "chill" is not the issue with me. I rarely find a tomato I like - they've got to be ripe but very firm with lots of sweetish flavour and then they can be whatever temperature they want. Anything else.... can't eat it, especially if the skins are hard and the inside soft.

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              Tomatoes are great if there out of a home garden or local farmers that just grow from good dirt but the rest are blechy.My grandpa grew vegis and those tomatoes fresh out of his garden were not comparable to anything any company could mass produce.Tomatoes in general are tasteless these days I even remember back in the 70's tomatoes from a store we're mostly pretty good now there mostly plain and are something that resembles a tomato but not a true tomato.It kind of reminds me of the difference between farm raised salmon and fresh wild salmon.There's just no comparison at all.The large companies will use whatever strain they can get by with thats the toughest and easiest to grow overall,with the simplest method,that will suit the general pallet.I think they figure most people have forgotten what a real tomato tastes like so we'll just put a new spin on junk and sell if for 5 times more than it's worth.Some organics ok but too expensive.
              I love tomatoes in Greek salads the best.

            2. I have to admit that I love tomatoes sans seeds! I love BLT's, salads with lots of tomato (though thin slices or small pieces), sauteed in omlettes, thin sliced with mozarella and basil, and probably other ways I can't think of. But they can't have lots of seeds. A few are okay. That means that cherry tomatoes are out! I don't like biting into them and getting a squirt of seeds. What can I say? :)

              Of course, I love them cooked too. But I don't get to use them too often because my husband doesn't like chunks of tomato in anything. They have to be pureed.

              His dad was a farmer and would salt them and slap on a big hunk of mayo.


              1. hmm..."I say to-may-to, you say tom-ah-to"
                Oh...well, I think tomatoes are good in so many ways, I'll not bore you with the details.
                But, in general, a good heirloom / homegrown tomato is good as is - - only to be improved imo by a little mayo, s&p. As far as temp diced ones on burritos, enchiladas, nachos etc. the same temp I like my lettuce on these dishes - cold. Gasp...