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101 (Scary) Ice Creams

<a href="http://www.who-sucks.com/food/101-fri... Frightening Ice Cream Flavors From Around The World</a>

Choose your favorite.

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  1. Cool topic!
    For the "Fear-Factor" element: Horseflesh ice cream
    Flavors that I would actually eat: cherryblossom, tomato, and red wine

    1. I had wasabi ice cream at a place in Taiwan over a decade ago, just to try a novelty flavor (XO cognac & pig's feet were some other flavors). I gotta say, yuck. The texture was fine - like ice cream - but who wants horseradish fumes while you're eating IC?

      The "deep sea" ice cream I might try, along with cherry blossom. Bacon?

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      1. re: bbc

        Really? There's a Japanese restaurant here in Toronto that serves wasabi ice cream and it's become my new favourite flavour. The "spicy" factor is there, but not overpowering... perhaps what you had had a lot more? In any case, I think it's delicious!

        1. re: vorpal

          Coldstone Creamery briefly had wasabi ice cream and I have to say, it wasn't bad. I also liked their licorice ice cream.

          I've had ice cream flavored with porter, it's nice. Malty and chocolate flavors.

      2. Sweet Potato icecream should work - I could imagine it tasting like pumpkin pie... 'rice' icecream brings to mind a colder version of rice pudding (the article says it's fairly good stuff too!) Rose petal and cherry blossom are probably fairly good (think rosewater...) But most of the rest of them? ugh!

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        1. re: Kajikit

          Rice is good. It does taste like cold rice pudding.

          The texture is really fun, too.

        2. Sadly no one seems to offer "Fugu Ice Cream", for those who also like Russian Roulette. Now there's a fear-factor flavor for ya!

          1. Being vegetarian allows me to bow out of a lot of those. But I'd love to try the corn, the stout and the sweet potato. Pass on the salad, though.

            Incidentally, I tried garlic ice cream once. Never again.

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              When Laurent Gras worked at Fifth Floor (in SF), he made a corn ice cream to go with a foie gras dish. It was fantastic!

              1. re: piccola

                Corn ice cream is my (latest) favorite! They make it at sundaes and cones in manhattan, yum!

                1. re: rds246

                  Yeah, that's where I had it. It goes really well with the ginger ice cream.

              2. I recently had maui onion ice cream. Believe it or not, it was interesting. Not the kind of flavor, though, I would order just to satisfy my ice cream craving!

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                  I recall having "wheat" and "malt" flavoured ice cream, which were both very good, but only in the Coppelia ice cream parlour in downtown Havana.

                2. Rose Ice cream is amazingly good you have to try it. I'd definitley try the Cherry Blossom. Some of the others seem slightly edible but most of the others seem impossible. I mean, horse flesh? Not only horse flesh but in ICE CREAM!?!?! Seems like some of the disgusting-est food ever to be created and poor horse :'(

                  1. I've tried Durian ice cream. So very yucky.

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                    1. re: manraysky

                      I made some Durian ice cream and while my first batch wasn't optimal, it does have a lot of potential.

                      I love to try unusual flavors.

                    2. I ordered the "GARLIC" yes GARLIC flavoured icecream in a London Ontario restaurant called GARLIC'S (everything with garlic in it) a few years back and it was surprisingly tasty. Apparently they carmelize the garlic before adding it to the ice cream.

                      1. There was an ice cream shop in Travelers Rest SC that I think still sells at festivals. Some of his more interesting flavors - "silk sheets" some type of vanilla thing with I think some wind and I know fresh rose petals in it and "corn silk" or something like that with fresh corn that he served at the TR corn Festival each year and was a huge hit. The name of the business is Uncle Charlie's Ice Cream and was (I hope IS) totally amazing.

                        1. Trout fudge ripple from Baskin-Robbins. Mmmmmm

                          1. Unfortunately, the page no longer exists, so I was unable to see the original list...

                            i had Bacon Ice cream at Moto in Chicago. It wasn't bad. I love bacon, and I love ice cream. The flavour was good (salty bcaon with creamy vanilla ice cream is a nice combination), but I was a bit thrown off by the hunk of frozen bacon fat. Not so nice texture-wise. I'd eat it again, but wouldn't necessarily order it willingly.

                            1. How about SPAM ice cream!