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Champa Garden- Lao Cuisine in Oakland

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Have been meaning to check out the Laotian place on Allendale and 35th (Vientanane Cafe, I think) since reading about it here but still haven't made it. Friends in the hood live near this place which opened a few months ago and have been raving. We all went tonight and were extremely happy. They were all out of the to-go menus so I cannot tell you exactly what we ate but will try:

The appetizer was #3 on the menu, a mixture of pork, toasted rice and lemon, wrapped in lettuce and herbs. Very yummy and apparently very classic Laotioan.

A whole fish with a tomato and basil sauce- super fresh and crunchy, sauce was thick and didn't soggify the fried fish.

A thai noodle dish, a wonderful green curry, a seafood dish and for the little ones, noodle soup with a fragrant chicken broth that the adults kept stealing sips off of. Plus sticky rice which is possibly my fave comfort food of all times. Everything was very flavorful with Thai-like flavors but more subtle and less sweet.

The staff were really warm and lovely and very relaxed despite the shenanigans of the toddlers. I love this place already and urge anyone in the area to check it out as it deserves to have a good long life, despite its out of way the location.

Champa Garden
2102 8th Ave (21st St)
Oakland, CA 94606

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  1. Very nice post, can't wait to try it. Do you mind sharing the approximate cost?

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      It was very reasonable-6 dishes, including that whole fish came to $46 with tax and tip. No liquor licence yet but looks like they are applying for one.