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Jul 13, 2007 09:43 AM

AOC Bedford

Does anyone know if they still allow byob with no corkage fee? Alternatively, any other recommendations for byob places in the city, preferably downtown.

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  1. Also French, though more casual than AOC is Tartine which is always BYOB

    1. I'd call to check - my recollection was that they allowed it before 7pm on certain nights of the week - maybe M - Thurs.

      1. Sundays/Mondays in the summer. Another favorite new BYOB of mine is La Petite Sirene, a casual French seafood place next door to Ivo and Lulu (another very casual BYOB). It's nothing on the scale of AOC Bedford but a good BYOB for a couple or a small group to have a good dinner out.

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