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Jul 13, 2007 09:22 AM

ariano's in durango

A few years back, we ate at an Italian restaurant named Ariano's in Durango. I believe it is under new ownership now. Does anyone know if it is still any good?

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  1. Ariana's used to be owned by the same people that had the Ore House.I don't know who bought it this time.I still try to make vinaigrette bleu cheese dressing like theirs but haven't gotten it yet.It was my favorite place to eat in Durango,but it's been quite awhile since I've been in that area.

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    1. re: twodogs

      Appears to be the same owner/chef but we walked past it this evening (Saturday) and it was pretty much empty at 830pm. Not a good sign?

      1. re: Lewes

        I was afraid it might have slipped. Recommendations for a nice (birthday) dinner? Seasons? Ken & Sue's?

        1. re: festivarian

          Ken & Sue's is tops. Seasons is also very nice. East by Southwest is as well, w/ good Japanes and Asian-accented fare and a vibrant ambiance.

          1. re: festivarian

            We really like Seasons and they have a lovely patio in the back which is perfect this time of year.

            If you are willing to drive a bit: go west on Rt 160 towards Mesa Verde and try Kennebec Cafe. They also have outdoor tables and lots of interesting items on menu.

            Or go north on Rt 550 towards the ski area and go to Hamilton Chop house in Tamarron Condo and Golf Club. Wonderful food and great views.


            1. re: DebitNM

              We went to Cyprus Café (725 E. 2nd Ave., 970/385-6884) and the food was excellent although the service a little quirky. If the weather is nice, ask for a table out on the patio.

              1. re: DebitNM

                I second the Hamilton Chop House. Spectacular food and nice dining room. Make sure to have a cocktail on the terrace.

                1. re: primebeefisgood

                  What about the restaurant at Mesa Verde? I think we're going to stay at the Far View Lodge instead of in Durango, because it's cheaper and we were going to Mesa Verde the next morning anyway.

                  1. re: festivarian

                    The Metate Room is/was known for Southwestern and Native American-inspired dishes. I have enjoyed the Absolute Bakery & Cafe in Mancos for its informal friendliness and welcoming atmosphere. Don't know what the current hours or meal service might be.

                    1. re: festivarian

                      Get to Metate Room as soon as it opens for dinner as they do not take reservations and are BUSY and wait for table can be long.

                      1. re: DebitNM

                        We went to the Metate Room. Total nightmare. Food was good, wine was excellent but the service was beyond horrendous until all we could do was joke about it and be glad we had wine to drink. As my husband put it, "Worst service we ever had with such good food." Maybe they should hire a few more people; the poor waiter had 2 tour group tables, plus another large table and our table of 3, and he wasn't all that competent to begin with. Never again.

                        1. re: festivarian

                          Did you stay at Far View Lodge? How was room and what type of room did you have? Thanks.