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Jul 13, 2007 08:53 AM

Rockport Mass recs

Posted this on the New England board but was told to try here as well:

Taking my in-laws to Rockport. Looking for a place to have lunch. Needs to be slightly upscale to satisfy my mother-in-law but not too fancy that there are attire restrictions (will have 2 85+ year olds with us who have no interest in dressing up).

My MIL does not eat seafood so it can't be solely a seafood restaurant.

I've never been so thanks for the help!

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  1. You'll find other threads on Rockport on this site but My Place By the Sea is the first that comes to mind. It's at the end of Bearskin Neck, is a little more upscale and has a good view. I was in Rockport recently and we ended up at a place that I don't remember the name of but you walk through a storefront type area to get to the restaurant. It's not on Bearskin Neck proper but just before you get there. We were lured in by signs out on the sidewalk and by the fact that there were waiting lines for other restaurants! Not upscale and there were lots of families with children there but the food and service were decent and the prices were reasonable. It looked like they may be owned by the same family who own the lobster market that's right on Bearskin Neck. They also had chicken, etc.

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      I ate at the same restaurant with my boyfriend in June. Can't remember the name either but we thought it was very good. There is a great view of the ocean and they quite a few non-seafood items. We of course got the steamed lobster (my boyfriend) that came with coleslaw and a baked potatoe ( you get choices) and I got a very good lobster baked casserole dish.

      We really liked the place. Very laid back with friendly service.

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        That would be The Greenery. Decent, not amazing, quite casual. The decor is nothing special, kind of plain, but it's clean. The view of the harbor and Motif #1 is gorgeous. A good choice for a casual meal.

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          Nope, not the Greenery. On the other side of Bearskin Neck. Near that store that sells French stuff.

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            This isn't the spot we went either. I think we were near a french or Italian restaurant as well if I remember correctly. I think I went to the same place as mtm7654. I'm usually good about grabbing a matchbox or something but totally forgot. Would love to get the name of the place though.

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              Is it The Fish Shack? 21 Dock Sq ( sorta next to Provence that sells French linens) ?

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                I did a little research. Roy Moore Lobster Company is the little shop where you can get fried seafood and lobster and eat out back on a tiny patio. They also provide the lobsters and have the sister restaurant I ate at...more of a real restaurant atmosphere with a view of the water. They don't have a website I don't think but I found this:

                They have a sign directing you towards the restaurant towards the entrance of Bearskin Neck. I couldn't find any info on the sister restaurant.

                Hope this helps!

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                  I believe the name of this place is Brackett's.

                2. re: bear

                  I've been to the Greenery a few times. Food has always been good, nothing spectacular, but its never been vile. For the money its not a bad deal.

              2. There are really very few places I would think of other than My Place BY the Sea but it can be inconsistent. Most of my dining experiences in Rockport have been less than stellar or even passable.

                1. Also if you go to Bearskin Neck make sure to stop by the great fudge store for dessert. Lots of options (I liked the chocolate chip) and delicious!!!

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                    Yes, definitely. Was just there last week buying some fudge for my neighbor. It is called Tuck's.

                  2. While I'm more of the type to get a cooked lobster and sit on a crate at the back of the fish store, I've heard very good things about The Yankee Clipper Inn. Worth checking out, it seems.

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                      I'm with you on the lobster crate, three of us, but oh man, I totally forgot about the yankee clipper inn. I had a fancy dinner there once, many many moons ago, before I lived out here in the NE. A date and I drove from halfway cross the country to spend the weekend in Rockport. (don't ask, we were silly college students.) I remember a great lobster and... well, that's all I remember. I thought it was wonderful and dreamy at the time, but who knows what I'd think now, jaded fool that I am. They do have a terrific view of the sea though.

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                        Don't believe that Yankee does lunch. We have had 3 very good meals this year at My Place By the Sea ...last year was much less consistent. The atmosphere ( view) can't be beat for anything even remotely upscale in RKPT. You can go light or multiple courses for lunch and surf or turf...aslo decent wine list if thats on the agenda They only take dinner reservations starting at noon of the day you want to dine so I don't know if you can reserve for lunch but if you do and the weather is promising ask for the deck

                        My Place By the Sea
                        68 Bearskin Nck, Rockport, MA 01966

                        1. re: capeanne

                          Thanks for all of the responses. I'm much more of a crate and lobster diner myself but my MIL would never go for that.

                          I've heard the owner of My Place can be quite rude. Has anyone on here had issues?

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                            Heard ( read) that as well but never experienced it and she has been there all 3 times we were there this year

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                            You're right, the Yankee Clipper website doesn't have a lunch menu. They do have Afternoon Tea listed, though, if tea-time sandwiches and pastries would suit the MIL

                            I had heard about the rude owner at My Place, too, and that she hated kids. I was at the Point with my son and saw a mother with a toddler and infant come out of My Place. I asked her if it was true the owner didn't like kids and was rude in general. This lady said the owner certainly had been rude to her on several occasions, but she simply ignored her and carried on.and had a good time. A good strategy if you can manage it!

                        2. Gloucester is a much better dining town than Rockport. A 10 minute drive will take you to Passports on Main Street Gloucester. Wonderful lunch menu, ranging from soups and salads to seafood and other entrees. Competent service, nice room. I 've done it with elderly relatives and it worked quite well. Suggest a reservation.