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Jul 13, 2007 08:38 AM

DETROIT, Southfield area [Moved from Elsewhere in America board]

Can anyone recommend a restaurant that serves good food, made with fresh ingredients, not greasy. There HAS to be fish on the menu, and fresh salads or vegetables.

It does not have to be a fancy place, good, fresh food is the key.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Thank you, Chowhound team, for moving my post to the proper forum. I have to get new reading glasses, I just did not see the "Midwest" forum.

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      The enduring favorite for the fresh foods/salads type of menu in Southfield is Sweet Lorraine's at 29101 Greenfield, north of 12 Mile Road ( ). There are now several other locations, but the one iin S'field is the original, and I think it has a pleasantly funky vibe that's missing at the others. Always several fish dishes on the menu. There's also a branch of another local favorite, Tom's Oyster Bar on Franklin near Northwestern Hwy. in Southfield (bring the phone number with you; it's a little tricky to find if you don't know that corner) -- they always have good, straightforwardly prepared Great Lakes fish, which Sweet Lorraine's would not necessarily have (though they might). This time of year the dinners would probably have fresh corn on the cob as well as other veggies, and the oysters are good, too!

      1. re: Jim M

        That location for Tom's Oyster Bar closed a few years ago, unfortunately.

        There is still one in Royal Oak, though, not very far from Southfield.

        There are a lot of good places near Southfield, if not exactly in Southfield. Beverly Hills Grill in Beverly Hills (13 and Southfield), Bacco on Northwestern Hwy (pricey but excellent), Tavern on 13 is pretty good (also 13 and Southfield). My personal favorites for seafood are in Birmingham: Streetside Seafood, and Mitchell's. Northern Lakes on Woodward in Bloomfield Hills is good too.

        1. re: cherie

          Thank you so much for your responses. Your suggestions sound great. Our trip will be in August, I will let you know where we went.

        2. re: Jim M

          I second the recommendation for Sweet Lorraines. Veg friendly, something for everyone including fish, and very tasty. They'll let you call in to get your name in line if they're busy.

          Otherwise, downtown Royal Oak is basically a giant food court/restaurant theme park. Wander around on a nice evening and see what catches your fancy.

        3. re: FoodWine

          Also, in addition to the other good suggestions given, there's Fiddleheads in Royal Oak on 13 Mile, between Woodward and Greenfield. Good stuff, Maynard!

        4. Not in Southfield but easy to get to is one my favorites - Diamond Jim Brady's in Novi located in the Novi Town Center by the shows. Tom Brady is a gracious host and Mary Brady is almost always in the kitchen. She is a master chef and always has fish on the menu. Everything is very fresh and beautifully prepared. I think it is an overlooked treasure. - Bob

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            Thank you again for all the responses. I will copy them to have with me, and look them up on a map beforehand, so that I have a "clear" sense where they are.

          2. Beans and Cornbread which is an upscale soul food restaurant fits the bill.

            1. You can't go wrong with Meriwether's on Telegraph. (
              )Service is friendly, teacup bread is yummy, Martha's Vineyard Salad is delish and fresh fish and meats are served without a lot of heavy sauces. Good place to catch up with friends.

              1. I recommend Pronto! on Washington in Royal Oak. I'm sure they have an online menu if you want see their offerings, but, from experience, I know they have yummy salads and sandwiches, delicious soups, and decent drink offerings. They have a wonderful bakery, as well.

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                  They've undergone an ownership change within the past year or two, but Giorgio's on Greenfield @ Lincoln in Soutfield/Oak Park was a long time fave when we lived in the area. It's a very simple diner space with a mix of upscale Italian and traditional diner fare. Used to run excellent whitefish specials and had great salads and hand-made fresh pastas with traditional Italian sauces (excellent Bolognese, Carbonara, etc.).

                  1. re: g rote

                    Thank you, again, to all of you.

                    1. re: g rote

                      The original owner now has a second place, called Giorgio's Gourmet Diner, on Orchard Lake. Same charm of getting very good Italian food in a hash-house setting, but no wine at this one ( ).