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Jul 13, 2007 08:17 AM

Reccomendation for a nice, romantic dinner in TO?

Hi folks,

I am looking for a nice place to take wife for our wedding annivesary in TO. Budget is $200-$250 + wine.

Our favouritre restauranrs are:
Auberge du Pommier
The Fifth

(yes, got a bit of a bias towards haute French cuisine!)

I am considering:

Splendido (out of budget?)
Thuet (mixed reviews on service?)
Chiado (we like seafood as well)

but open to suggestions...

Any reccomendations?

Many thanks

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  1. I would strongly suggest Splendido and their "Exotica Canadiana" menu. from what i re-call it should be about 120-130 per person for the food, well, well, worth it!!! (off hand don't remember how much the wine pairing were, but i do remember that they were fantastic, better than i had emagined)
    Its also the most romantic restaurant in Toronto by far, perfect for an anniversary.

    1. I like the restaurants you have chosen (Scaramouche & Auberge du Pommier being my absolute favourites) Might I suggest "The Corner House"...while perhaps not as famous or as often mentioned on this site, it IS very romantic , has generally quiet patrons (doesn't get a lot of exec types on a business account evening...those who tend to drink a lot and get quite voluable...that has happened to me at both Scaramouche and Auberge spoiling an otherwise great anniversary evening. Corner House has very good food, a quiet ambience , good service and easy (free) parking...I think it's a great place to celebrate a special evening.

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        I would agree that the Corner House is really nice and worth consideration for a romantic dinner. Food is delicious. My experience there during Summerlicious was a bit too busy, but that ends next week, so hopefully your time frame is later....

        1. re: pearlD

          Thanks..Will look into Corner House further...Is it primaily older patrons?

          1. re: upscaleTO

            a bit of each.... depending on the night....weekends seem to get a few more 'young uns'..........

        2. Mr. Rabbit and I recently had a fantastic dinner at Red's. You might think of this place as more corporate than romantic, but it's a pretty room with tables spaced wide enough for privacy and intimacy. And the food was stellar! Here's our review...

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          1. re: Rabbit

            Also a big fan of Red's! Foodwise, its top notch, but I tend to go there for business quite a bit, so would prefer a change of scenery

          2. Have you considered George or Perigee? Both are great "special occasion" destinations.

            Chiado is a great choice, though...

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            1. re: TorontoJo

              Been to George - liked it. But want to try smthg new. Heard that Perigee is trying to be too cool, at the expense of service (i.e. one would expect flawless service at that type of $$$, but sometimes it's not up to par)