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Jul 13, 2007 08:01 AM

NYC - Wanting something different...

My husband & I are bringing friends with us from Buffalo, NY to NYC for the Yankees game on July 22nd. My husband and I are familiar with the city as we come a few times a year but our friends are newbies. We (both couples) are also celebrating our wedding anniversaries while there. Can anyone suggest some non-tourist places to go and see? Also a place for a romantic dinner?

Finally - We've got passes for the Sony Stadium Club with our field seats. What should we expect?


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  1. Hi All--
    Just a reminder. Please keep your replies to finding Charis a romantic dinner. Discussions of places to see and the Sony Stadium Club are off topic on this board.

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      I disagree on the Sony Stadium Club as I am seeking what to expect food wise since it's a restaurant.

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        Since the Sony Stadium Club is in the Bronx, please discuss it in a separate thread on our Outer Boroughs board:

    2. Definitely would need more info - any preferences for food or neighborhood? Also what kind of price ranges are you looking for? With so many restaurants in NYC it's hard to know what to recommend without more details so we can all make sure to give you some useful tips.

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        We want the experience so anywhere in location is fine. We would want to avoid seafood due to our friends allergies but other than that we're open. Just want an extremely great meal with a romantic atmosphere.

        Also, looking for good brunch places for Sunday morning.


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          Dinner: L'Impero, Blue Hill, River Cafe (Brooklyn), Fleur de Sel

          As for brunch, what part of town are you staying in?

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            We are actually still trying to book a place - probably financial district since I can get a discount at the Marriott there.

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              Don't expect anything special at the stadium club...if you want something special near the stadium search the outer boroughs board for italian restaurants on Arthur Avenue...Its one of the last if not the last Little Italys in this country (do they have them in other countrys?)....its a great experience but complicated to arrange in conjuction with a yankee game but all the info is on the other board....

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              I've been been holding off on going back to L'Impero. Have you been since new chef Michael White took over? While I read that his complete overhaul of the menu would not be finished until August, I just looked at the website, and he's made some major changes. The main courses seem quite different. For example, the capretto is gone, and there's now a roasted wild salmon for two. Other fish dishes look new as well -- not surprising since White was formerly chef at Fiamma Osteria, a fish/seafood place though it appears he's scrapped the crudo menu. Former chef Scott Conant's signature polenta with mushrooms remains on the appetizer list. Hopefully, it will be retained and continue to be sensational.


              I agree with your Fleur de Sel rec. We were just there and had an absolutely superb tasting dinner.


        2. Crispo would be my choice for food and atmosphere. Great Italian food. I'm not a fan of those "over the top/trying too hard to be romantic" kind of places - so Crispo would be my pick. If you're looking for a really quiet setting then it probably isn't going to be right but I think the atmosphere is very romantic. Annisa is also another good choice.

          If you want to venture to Brooklyn, the River Cafe is consistently characterized as one of the most romantic restaurants in NYC. Check out the Outer Boroughs board and you'll find a lot of posts.

          For brunch, I like Cornelia St. Cafe and NoHo Star. For something slightly different, I really like Cendrillon which is a Filipino/Pan-Asian restaurant in SoHo. The restaurant is very beautiful and modern.