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Jul 13, 2007 08:01 AM

NJ best wedding catering halls

Hello everyone,

I am getting married in September and am looking for a hall in Northern New Jersey and welcome any recommendations. We expect 100 - 120 people, it will be on a Saturday and we want to have the ceremony at the hall. Food will be traditional American - Italian, prime rib, etc. I know the quality of the food and service varies widely from banquet hall to banquet hall, so I appreciate any and all comments.

Thanks, Rich

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  1. Hi,
    I got married at Westmount Country Club in Great Notch (right next to Wayne) 3 years ago. To this day, everyone tells me that it is the best food they have ever had at a wedding. The facility is gorgeous as well. It's very pricey, though. I think it cost $240.00 per person and we had 250 people, so might be more expensive per person for your count.

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      The Food is Good but the Service is Rude and Uncalled for - they treat you like second rate, and also Treat the vendors even worse. This is only since they renovated the place - before that they were amazing. It really is ashame, because the location and food does amaze - but since weddings are an customer service industry - that is just bad all around.

      1. re: npappy

        npappy - I agree with completely. I hosted a charity event there and looked at the hall with my friend for her wedding and both time the staff was rude and unproffessional. Some of my vendors at the charity event complained about the way their treated as well.
        I refused to even look there for my wedding.

    2. We were married at the Rockleigh, which is about as northern NJ as you can get, just over the NY state line. It was divine. Everything is top notch, I would highly recommend it. This was, however, several years ago already so perhaps someone can give you an update.

      If you're getting married in September, and on a Saturday, I fear you will find that finding any place to accommodate you will be your biggest challenge. Most good places will be booked solid already.

      Rockleigh Country Club
      26 Paris Ave, Northvale, NJ 07647

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        My cousin's wedding was at Rockleigh Country Club (in 2002), and I couldn't agree more! Terrific food, beautiful atmosphere. I'm sure Rockleigh has kept everything going since then.

        1. re: Sra. Swanky

          Another vote for Rockleigh. I was married there in 2000 and to this day my co-workers and friends exclaim that it was the best wedding food they have ever had bar none.

      2. I've heard very good things about the Valley Regency.

        1. We went to a very, very nice wedding with particularly good food and a beautiful setting this afternoon at Westmount Country Club

          My own wedding in 1995 was at Brooklake country club in florham park, which is still an excellent venue.

          The Madison Hotel also has a very nice catering operation and a gorgeous glass arboreum.

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            Madison Hotel is very nice, West mount is a thumbs down on Service as well as the Brownstone House - in The Ghetto, and my lights were stolen from my car while parked there and the staff threatened to beat us down if we reported it. Plus they over book and and have guests in your room during your event..bad.

          2. I second the Madison Hotel in Convent Station. Excellent food and a beautiful setting.