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Jul 13, 2007 07:58 AM

Beacon Street Tavern, Beacon Hill Bistro

Had a decent meal on the patio at Beacon Street Tavern before a recent Sox game. A well-made cocktail, tasty if somewhat pricey ($5) "sliders". Cheeseburger and whole shrimp sliders were better than the sausage/pepper one; all would have benefited from better rolls, which were about "supermarket on-premise bakery" quality. Excellent sweet potato fries, good shoestring fries. Not sure this will displace Audubon in my heart for pre-Sox, but better than my previous experience shortly after it opened. The pleasant, spacious patio is probably its chief virtue. The food seems a sharp step down from sibling Washington Square Bistro.

Very disappointing breakfast at the Beacon Hill Bistro, a place I quite like at dinner (and whose current chef I was pleased to see get a rave in today's Herald). Cooked-through poached eggs (sent back, properly done the second time), a chicken hash of big slices of marinated chicken breast with cubes of crispy fried potatoes and slices of red pepper, a stretch on my idea of hash, and just not very good. Service was well-meaning but kind of hapless, and the whole experience seemed endless given the 3/4-empty dining room. A frustrating waste of $15 inclusive, the first bad meal I've had here at any time of day.

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  1. I was underwhelmed by their chicken hash as well. It was pretty much just a stir fry...not quite a hash. My husband got a frittata that contained the same potato and red pepper mix from the we didn't even get different flavors to try from each other's plates. The person next to us had the berry pancakes and they looked and smelled fantastic. If we end up there again for breakfast, I will be trying the pancakes.