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Jul 13, 2007 06:33 AM

Best Supper Club, Brighton Beach?

I'm hoping to bring a bachelor party (about 20 people) out for a good time. I've read the other posts on this board that touch on these amazing clubs; however, no one really hit on my main question:

Which place would be best for a group of twenty 25-35 year old guys, looking for a great time, heavy drinking, and public shaming for the husband-to-be? I've read that Rasputin and National are the two prime spots-- That, roughly speaking, Rasputin is Vegas and National Broadway.

I'm definitely sold on the entire concept of these places, and am leaning towards Rasputin at the moment. I got a tip that a place called Wintergarden was also superb, but apparently they had a fire in the spring and are still closed. Any advice would be fantastic! Our priorities (most important to least):

1) Mind-blowing ridiculousness of the venue (decor, vibe, entertainment, etc)
2) Access to vodka
3) Quality of emcee
4) Awesomely risqué cabaret/floor show
5) Quality of food
6) Price


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  1. I have been to Rasputin quite a few times. We always have a great time there. Good food, service and entertainment all night long. A great time. Enjoy.

    1. Rasputin is great The show is terrific and after you've had enough Vodka, everything tastes pretty good but if you're talking about 20 25-35 yr old guys out for insanity, I'm not so sure you won't get asked to leave, AKA: kicked out.You should probably have a sincere conversation with the managers and run your anticipated evening past them.
      Try to get the french styled food. The standard menu combined with all that Vodka is pretty heavy stuff... Have a great time!

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      1. re: Tay

        Agreed, definitely talk to the managers first. They won't mind you having fun, but take a long and careful look at their bouncers before you get drunk. Most people come there as couples.

        Another tip - bring your own alcohol to save money.

        And don't go to National - young people don't go there. My other recommendation would be Tatyana - it's right on the boardwalk.

        On top of your own booze, expect to pay anywhere $80-$125 per head (Friday is cheaper than Saturday), but that includes a long list of food and all night entertainment, so it's worth it. And, dress up.

        Oh, BTW, it's also not unheard of to bring a stripper there. Obviously they won't allow nudity, but talk to them, see if they let you do that.

        1. re: nokitsch

          Can you really bring your own Vodka to any of these places when they sell their own?

          1. re: ryan

            Liquor was included the 2 times I went to one of these supper clubs I would recc you speak with the Mgr. find out what you can/cannot do,and make sure you get it in writing. Some of these places are not run all that professionally and once you get there, telling them you spoke with "Yuri", which is like saying you spoke with "Joe", is going to be met with a blank stare.

            1. re: ryan

              Yes. Standard practice, unless you are into subpar alcohol. It's one of the things that add so much value to these places. You pay $350 for a bottle of Grey Goose at a club in the city, or you bring one for $35 to a supper club.

            2. re: nokitsch

              Hahaha! Funny you mention the bouncers, a Rasputin bouncer used to go to my SAMBO school. Big burly beastly Russian fellow.

              BTW, I don't know about bringing your own alcohol if you aren't Russian. They gave me some pretty cold treatment at Rasputin before I pushed a Russian friend forward.

          2. RASPUTIN is my suggestion too.

            however, i dk about you plans there, as mentioned def call ahead and discuss this.

            also, take it easy, couples/parties are there for a big night out (not to mention occasional shady sopranos types), so dont let the cheesiness of the show lull your group into thinking its a frat party or you will be in serious trouble.

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            1. re: mrnyc

              My problem with Rasputin is the food. It's barely Russian. They serve this non-specific, non-commital "European" cuisine and if you're looking for platters of pelmeni and smoked fish and beets with dill on everything soak up your vodka, it's just not the place to go. I was very disappointed. The show was crazy enough, but way too slick and professional. Cirque de Soleil feeling. Long ago I went to Primorski on BB Ave and it was super Russian in food and 'tude. Crazy floor show, kind of low rent, but perfect. Not sure if it's there anymore.

              1. re: HankyT

                PRIMROSKI is still there -- its the other russian supper club i've been to, both for the night show and for lunch. you are right on about the food and vibe at both places. however, if i recall correctly i think the deal w/ RASPUTIN is that you have to ask ahead for a big group as it has either a russian spread or a generic continental spread.

                1. re: mrnyc

                  Yes, you're correct. When we went, an Eastern European colleague suggested we request the 'European' styled food b/c he felt that, based on his previous experiences, the Russian styled food, mixed wirth all that liquor spelled trouble for the average Western stomach. As it turned out,
                  when we compared experiences with another large group of friends who had gone and opted for the Russian choices, he was absolutely dead on. The Russian food was much heavier and greasier which, resulted in some early exits from the party.We were fine...
                  WOrd to the wise: If you go to Primorski, the advice in earlier postings should be taken seriously....Very, very seriously...
                  Have a great time!

                  1. re: Tay

                    Oh, OK. That's good to know about choosing Russian or Euro food, thanks. The one funny thing I remember about Primorski lo those many years ago, is that the waiters DIDN'T CLEAR A SINGLE PLATE! NOTHING! Every new course was piled directly on top of the old course like some experiment in hyperspeed archaeology. So while you were trying to enjoy your sweet dessert, your plate was resting on crusting smoked salmon while reeking, pick-over sablefish carcasses were staring up at you. Part of the experience, I guess.

                2. re: HankyT

                  You are correct. Typical Russian food has taken a back seat in favor of seafood, sushi, and Western style meat dishes. But, I like it that way, and having sushi, eel salad, seared tuna, duck breast salad, shrip with pasta, salmon, rack of lamb, etc. is really a much bigger bang for your buck. My favorite of these places, Passage, serves just that, and it's damn good. You gotta realize, a lot of young Westernized Russians don't necessarily want pelmeni on a fancy night out - we can get that for $5 any day of the week. There is still plenty of Russian food on the table, pickled veggies, blini with red caviar, cold cuts, etc.

              2. Any newer reports on these places? I'm looking for an exciting (perhaps bizarre) stage show, but most importantly decent food. Can any of these places do that? Or perhaps some of the ones in Sheepshead Bay (Baku Palace)?

                I've never been to one before, but I'm looking to book a company party and am definitely throwing around this option.