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Jul 13, 2007 06:18 AM

Ooh la la….Ola

I took a scrumptious tour of Argentina last night at Ola with Chef Rodriguez’s "Passport to Summer Dining". He celebrates a different country’s cuisine each month with a $35 prix fixe menu. The appetizer was Matambre – stuffed rolled steak with hard-boiled eggs, peppers, olives and pistachios; Entrée, Seared Salmon – merlot chimichurri and charred fig and stone fruit salsa; Dessert, Chocolate mil Hojas. Multiply orgasmic! A very talented chef who makes it look easy. As always the service was professional, informed and warm.

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  1. When are they and for how long? Do they have a wine pairing option as well?

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      They started in May and will go through September with Spain next. They feature a cocktail and a couple of wines. But I went my own way.