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Weekend in SF!

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Hi SanFran Hounds!
I'm currently living in Boston and traveling with my boyfriend to California for the following week. We will be spending next weekend in San Francisco, and I was hoping to get some suggestions! This weekend is an anniversary for us, so I was hoping to get some ideas for a nicer restaurant that is worth checking out. I"m not looking for anything that's going to break the bank, but definitely something nice enough (and more importantly, delicious enough) to celebrate a special occasion! We both love any type of cuisine so if you could just throw out some of your all around favorite places, I would really appreciate it! I'm also interested in any particularly yummy/different/unique lunch places that would be worth checking out as well. Thanks and I look forward to having a chow hound experience in your city!

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  1. Have you searched the board at all? That question gets asked at least once every 48 hours...

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