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Jul 13, 2007 05:30 AM

Bob Evans and/or Cracker Barrel

There are locations of both of these in my area. I have never been to either but have looked at both menus and they appear to be similiar. If I was to try one of the two out, which should I choose for the better "gourmet fast food"? I don't despise Denny's and Friendly's, which I assume are similiar, when I just need simple food fast and figured I could add one of these two (Bob Evans or Cracker Barrel) to my list when I need a quick lunch.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Neither are great, but for my money, I prefer Cracker Barrel. They at least have a daily meat special with vegetables.

      1. Cracker Barrel has good breakfasts and their chicken fried steak is good.

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        1. I went to Cracker Barrel twice,once for breakfast,once for dinner.Both times I found the portions undersized and the food underseasoned.Just bland.And the general store business was a hokey turnoff.I cant see ever going there again,tho their selling point is their accesibilty to interstates.But heck,so is Waffle House'.
          I've been to Bob Evans a few times for breakfast and dinner and always thought I got my moneys worth.It infuriates me that they will not provide butter for the biscuits,pancakes,french toast,dinner rolls.All they will give you is Land O lakes "buttery flavor spread" which does not do the job.But their breakfast sausage is good,burgers passable,nice onion rings.They have some decent pie,but when I asked them to heat it in the microwave they looked at me like I had two heads.Just cant get into room temperature pie.I would probably go there again if they would remedy the butter situation.

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            I go to Bob Evans fairly often and always ask for real butter, and get it. You just have to ask.

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              Cracker Barrel portions undersized? Not in Pittsburgh. We only go there for breakfast and only after we've been out of the country for week or more because no matter what country you're in, you're not eating anything like what Cracker Barrel serves, so it's become kind of a "homecoming" tradition. And each time we go, we're always stuffed after breakfast.

              I was at Bob Evans only once, somewhere between Rochester and Buffalo, and only to avoid getting a speeding ticket... long story. But I'll take Cracker Barrel and their "undersized" portions.

              1. re: billfish

                Yes,I've been told that.I tried it.
                Me:"can i please have real butter for the pancakes"
                Nice Waitress:"sure you can hon"
                And I am presented with a little bowl of Buttery Spread.
                Me:"maam thats not butter"
                NW:"Its buttery flavor!Thats all we have"
                At this point I dont feel like doing battle..Should I assume the manager has told the help "Dont give out butter without a fight?".I'm getting too old to fight over butter.I will just buy my pancakes elsewhere.

              2. Cracker Barrel, by a country mile