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Jul 13, 2007 12:31 AM

HOTDOG showdown

I'm talking supermarket dogs that you can cook yourself. I thought this would be a good 'poll' of sorts, since there actually aren't all too many different brands. Although I'm sure there are variations across the country (I live in Los Angeles).

BALLPARK: used to eat these almost exclusively since childhood. Don't really know why, but this is certainly a national brand. I guess I just see these as the 'mcdonalds' of hotdog brands.

HEBREW NATIONAL: I really got into these after going for trying something new. I think I overdid it and got sick of these.

NATHAN'S: Tried these recently-- I heard that Nathen's where known for their 'snap' which I was looking for, but looking even at the packaging, it stated that they were 'skinless', and of course, they weren't particularly snappy when I ate them. I would assume these are pretty much identical to what they serve in their store(s), so I don't really know if people were just off the mark.

HOFFY: Never tried. See these all the time, noteworthy because they are stunningly CHEAP. I looked them up to see if I could find any info, and surprisingly found that these are what the famous LA hotdog 'mecca' Pinks serve (well, the Hoffy brand anyway). Curiosity piqued.

FARMER JOHN'S: Never tried. These may not be national-- but certainly you find them in LA. They are famous for making "Dodger dogs". You can find Dodger dogs in the supermarket as well-- in addtion to I believe, a normal variety.

OSCAR MEYER: Don't recall ever trying these.


Don't know if I'm missing any brands. Really curious to what y'all have to say, especially on the ones I haven't tried yet, like Hoffy (idea for this thread came while seeking info on this brand). Hope this topic hasn't been done yet, or at least not too recently!!

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  1. If you liked Hebrew National you might also check out Best Kosher or if you are willing to venture out of the supermarket try Jeff's Gourmet Kosher Sausage - - which are excellent

    1. My favorite has been Thumann's natural casing. Certainly not Kosher though as they are a pork product not beef. But they do have that SNAP as you bite into them.

      1. For the supermarket variety, I think the best are the Boar's Head natural casing. For some reason, most hotdogs in supermarkets, at least near my apartment in NYC, are of the skinless variety, except the boars head.

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        1. re: ESNY

          I second the Boar's Head natural casing.

          1. re: grampart

            We've tried Boar's Head several times, and though we loved the flavor we found ourselves experiencing digestive problems afterwards each time. No idea why, but we now avoid them.

            Nathan's makes a natural-casing dog that some stores carry. Some homesick New Yorker had a Coney-style hot dog place in Nashville for a while and served these, but although I loved them apparently not enough other people did...

        2. Cantella's Turkey Dogs (Trader Joe's) are yummy and have that snap.

          1. Are you able to get Sabrett dogs where you are? I'm starting to see Sabrett carried nationally. My favorite type of this brand is the natural casing. I second the reply that mentioned Best's. Those are my favorite.

            Oscar Meyer - BLECH!!! So salty and fake tasting. But I will admit that I loved them dearly during my childhood.

            I'm also fond of the Nathan's natural casing as well as Boar's Head Natural casing. Both of these are delicious dogs. The skinless are a little too salty.

            God, I love hot dogs so much. My doctor informed me that if I am to get pregnant, I need to cut down sharply on the dog intake or only eat organic dogs.