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Jul 12, 2007 11:53 PM

Best barbeque sauce out of a bottle?

In a pinch, what is everyone's favorite barbeque sauce out of a bottle?

I need something relatively easy to find (no more exotic than Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, please) that is sticky, sweet, slightly vinegary, and an out and out crowd pleaser.

This is for something of the pulled pork sandwich variety, served with some slaw and sauteed beet greens.


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  1. I always stock up on Trader Joe's brand bbq sauce. Good flavor for a bottled sauce!

    1. Sweet Baby Ray's is the favorite in my family. The Hickory and Brown Sugar is my personal favorite, but the Original sounds like it might fit the bill and is also very easy to doctor.

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      1. re: ArikaDawn

        I second this...we buy the original.
        I think we got it at one of the giant warehouse stores (Sam's maybe?).

        1. re: QueenB

          Thirding! I also get the original. I don't use BBQ sauce on most red meats, but it makes great bbq's chicken!

          1. re: Lixer

            fourthing? I actually was mixing the Hickory/Brown sugar and the Honey and it came out really well.

            1. re: JRSD

              Looks like a trend, here! We use it for pulled pork in the crockpot with a shot of beer.

              1. re: jessicheese

                yep...we use sweet baby ray's for bbq chicken and ribs - when we grill.
                For smoked meats - such as pulled pork, we use stubbs original or spicy.

                  1. re: THenderson

                    Stubbs smoky mesquite is Good Stuff...

                    1. re: Kajikit

                      i like stubbs because i am NOT a fan of sugar on my meat.
                      stubbs (i usually get the original variety) is more acidic and less sugary/salty than most.

          2. re: ArikaDawn

            I believe I would be eighthing this.

            SBR Hickory Brown Sugar is simply the best bbq sauce I've had. Period, out of a bottle or any kitchen.


            1. re: Davwud

              I love Sweet Baby Ray's honey barbecue...have to try the hickory brown sugar

              1. re: Davwud

                I tried the hickory brown sugar SBR last week. It was okay but i think I prefer the honey barbecue :-)

              2. re: ArikaDawn

                Yes I also buy sweet baby rays, i like a lot of their flavors. Very good, if I'm not making my own that is.

                1. re: djfrizz

                  years later, sill Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce,/marinade. pick a protien, or a veg and grill to your hearts delight.

                  1. re: djfrizz

                    I'm also cool with Sweet Baby Ray's when I have no time to make a sauce (I've only tried their traditional one). I understand that it's too sweet for many people, but I have yet to encounter someone who didn't gobble up whatever I've prepared with it.

                    1. re: ArikaDawn

                      Another for Sweet Baby Ray's. Good out of the bottle, and adding a little cider vinegar gives it that bite perfect for pulled pork.

                      1. re: mcap

                        Sweet Baby Ray's for sure tho its not hot enough for me (none are) I add Louisiana Hot Sauce.

                      2. re: ArikaDawn

                        Dunno why but we had to return the bottles of sweet baby rays we bought at Costco... no one in my family liked it. Guess it's a regional taste?

                        1. re: ArikaDawn

                          We also like Sweet Baby Ray's (original hickory), despite it containing HFCS, which we otherwise avoid. We first found it as a condiment at a Chuy's (small chain) in Bakersfield, CA. What they had in S.B.R. bottles at the tables tasted just like the BBQ sauce at the late, great Flint's of Oakland, CA. The stuff at the store is a bit different -- still very good, but it doesn't quite take us back to Flint's.

                        2. Seems new to the area but Budweisers Beechwood Aged sauce is terrific, minced onion and garlic that you can actually see in the bottle, a nice zing to it too, I found mine at a Walmart Supercenter.

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                          1. re: Jimbosox04

                            I agree with you on this one.

                            I also like Jim Beam BBQ sauce

                            1. re: Jimbosox04

                              x2 on the bud ,tasty tasty.cattleboys is good too,lots off chunks floating around in the bottle.

                            2. If you can find it, try out Bone Suckin' Sauce. It's made in North Carolina, but starting to become more available outside the Southeast. I just checked their website, and apparently you can find it, of all places, at Cracker Barrel. It is truely delicious stuff!

                              Website is

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                                1. re: OrganicGal

                                  This is the one I use. I always get the Hot variety. It's not really hot; most people would call it medium.

                                  I think it's just sweet and vinegary enough. Not too tomatoey or gooey.

                                  1. re: cackalackie

                                    This one is the best. I go with the HOT and get it Whole Foods.

                                  2. re: OrganicGal

                                    Bone Suckin' is the best. They even have international distribution. But you sure don't need to go to Whole Paycheck's to get it.

                                    1. re: OrganicGal

                                      Without a doubt the absolute BEST bottled sauce I've ever had! Bone Sucking Sauce can be found at Central Market in Dallas also! I prefer the HOT...heat with wonderful flavor!

                                      1. re: OrganicGal

                                        I agree that Bone Suckin' is good stuff. It's harder to find around here in Indiana. I've noted that it can be had at Cracker Barrel shops, and also at some Amish gorcers around here at a slightly better price and in more varieties. In any case, it's pricey here. Not sure exactly, but maybe $5+ per bottle?

                                        1. re: OrganicGal

                                          A friend brought this back for me from NC and I'm so glad. Fortunately it's sold at my local whole foods but it's the go to of choice these days.

                                        2. Stubb's, available at almost any market nowadays. A lot less sweet than other barbecue sauces, so you can actually taste the meat and spices.

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                                          1. re: tomishungry

                                            tom is not only hungry, tomisright.....Stubb's is great

                                            1. re: steakman55

                                              I too like Stubb's a lot. I also like Roadhouse.

                                            2. re: tomishungry

                                              Stubb's is actually a little too thin and non-sweet for my usual tastes, though sometimes I do value that. It is, at least, distinctively flavored and good for when you want a bit more tang than sweet.

                                              1. re: tomishungry

                                                I'll throw in my hat for Stubb's as well. It has just the right amount of sweetness, with a bit more emphasis on the vinegar tang, and many layers of spice flavor.

                                                Sweet Baby Ray's is too sweet out of the bottle but it's easily improved with some sauteed garlic, apple cider vinegar, and hot pepper.