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Jul 12, 2007 11:40 PM

KitchenAid food processor problems

I just got the KitchenAid 12-cup ultra-wide mouth food processor (4KFPM770NK). The first thing I tried to process was carrots using the shredding disc. I first cut them up into more manageable lengths and then put them through the small feed tube. Put the small pusher in and turned it on. To my surprise the larger pusher (which houses the small feed tube) started to push itself up! I could stop it pretty easily by resting the bottom of my palm on it while pressing the small pusher down with my fingers. But is this normal? Seems odd that I have to hold down the feed tube or else it could potentially pop out. Mind you, I tried other vegetables that were "softer" and I did not have this problem.

Another annoyance I'm finding is that chunks of food get stuck between the disc and the lid. Consequently, every now and then I'll have to open it up and pick out those pieces. This is my first food processor so I have no idea if this is considered as normal.

And lastly, is it just me or is the polycarbonate extremely easy to scratch? I knew this beforehand, so I was extra careful with the entire unit. Regardless, after one use there are still scratches in the areas where the plastics rub against each other (rim lid, feed tube, etc.). I know it's just cosmetic, but it's kind of a bummer on such a nice looking small appliance!

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  1. I have the 3 cup mini prep and really love it. I just had to replace it with another one yesterday because the polycarbonate cracked. I have had it for about 5 years before this happened. I agree, it scratches easily.

    1. I bought the ultra wide-mouth KA, and I absolutely hated it! That wide-mouth gizmo required an extra inter-locking step every time the lid was put on, and that drove me nuts because I'm always removing the lid to scrape down the sides. I returned it and got the "regular" mouth model, with a mechanism that I'm familiar with, and I love it. I wouldn't use the wide-mouth capability enough to warrant day-to-day frustration.

      As to the scratches -- well it IS a tool, and what matters is that it works well.

      1. Not that the two previous comments weren't incredibly on point for the OP's questions...but I think I'll give it a shot:

        I've had a few food processors over the years (or at least used a few between my parent's places and the ones I've had). I think it is pretty common for those chunks of food to get stuck. Its annoying, but fairly easy to deal with, as you've seen.

        I haven't encountered the issue you noted with my Kitchen Aid food processor feed tube. I don't know that I have a full picture of exactly what you mean...but I haven't had anything try to work its way out of the machine or the housing.

        Those scratches...yep...I thought the same bakergal noted, its a tool. It is a bummer though.

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        1. re: ccbweb

          Hmm, yeah I guess the scratches and the leftover bits aren't such a big deal. So then that leaves me with my biggest concern, which is the large pusher making its way up and out of the feed tube.

          ccbweb, have you shredded carrots using the shredding disc and the small feed tube? I'm thinking that I should give KitchenAid a call, but I hate the idea of having to do an exchange.

          1. re: spiffy_dude

            I don't think the top of mine is set up the way the top of yours sounds like its set up. On my machine, the small bowl sits inside the larger bowl and its the same lid and same feeder tube no matter which bowl you're using to collect the food. I have shredded carrots and other similar sorts of things in it, using the small bowl...but as I say, the top is the same no matter what for my machine. Which model do you have?

            1. re: ccbweb

              Oh, it has nothing to do with the bowls. I'm talking about the ultra-wide mouth version (12-cup, brushed nickel). As the name implies, it has an ultra-wide feed tube. Inside goes a really large pusher. Built into that large pusher is yet another feed tube (obviously smaller). Inside of that goes the small pusher.

            2. re: spiffy_dude

              Give KA a call. If they have a solution to your problem, no need to even consider an exchange. Also, try the KA forum -- someone else may have encountered the same problem:


              Good luck!

              1. re: bakergal

                Thanks! I'll give the forum a shot and call KA on Monday.

          2. My problem is with the reversible disc. The slicing side works, but when I turn it over, the shredding side cannot be secured under the ridges of the stem. It looks like a design flaw. It rotates away from--rather than into--the slots in which the reverse side fits snugly. I called the company and got a bunch of baloney. Anyone had this issue? If so, let me know.

            1. I have the 13 cup kitchenaid and I hate it!!!! I haven't used it much for awhile, but put it together just like the instructions tell you to and the d*** thing never wants to turn on!! I just want to throw it against the wall!! It is SO frustrating when you want to get something done quickly and you spend more time trying to get the stupid thing to work than it takes you to do it by hand!! Any suggestions?? I am ready to sell the dumb thing and get something user friendly!!