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Jul 12, 2007 09:02 PM

Vegetarian restaurants in New Jersey: do they exist?

I am a recent convert to vegetarianism and I am noticing that it doesn't look like New Jersey has a lot of vegetarian restaurants. Do they exist? I searched past chats on this website and didn't find a discussion that was similar. I love any kind of food: cheap/expensive/italian/mexican/indian/thai/chineese/czech/spanish/etc.. If there are not restaurants who specifically celebrate vegetables, I would settle for a vegetarian-sympathizer restaurant that has more than one choice for people on non-meat diets.

Thanks, in advance, for any advice offered.

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  1. Green Cuisine in Stone Harbor - More of a lunch place, with a wide range of creative veg sandwiches and salad plates. Some tuna and maybe chicken as a choice for carnivores, but the do a great sandwich based on a quite good hummus.

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      we've been going to stone harbor for years but had never stopped into Green Cuisine until this year. What a mistake! this is a lovely restauarant (and very busy at lunch time). The sandwiches, quiches and so on all come with beautiful fresh fruit on the side. Prices are a bit higher than at other places, but considering that you're getting fruit instead of fries on the side.... We went twice this week-- I had a brie and avocado sandwich the first time and a great lobster roll the second. Good smoothies too.

    2. Kaya's Kitchen in Belmar is Vegan. I think Twisted Tree in Asbury Park is vegetarian


        funny, my neighbor just turned me onto the resto list at the bottom of this link. There are many more vegetarian/vegan resto's than I expected. Enjoy!

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          The web link posted above is interesting. I think the info might be a bit old. Unfortunately, Down to Earth and Second Nature have closed. They are both sorely missed in Red Bank. (The woman who owned Second Nature now works at Dean's Market.)

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            val ann c, thanks for pointing that out. I did note a few changes but overall I thought it was a helpful guide for the OP to do a bit of their own researching.

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            Another site to check to search for vegetarian options by state/region is

          3. While it is not a vegetarian restaurant in the strict sense, you will find many vegetarian choices on the menu at Park & Orchard, in East Rutherford. P & O is actually one of the best restaurants in NJ (IMHO), and it has been recognized several times for the excellence of its wine list. The very casual nature of the place might lead one to think that it is not a restaurant of a high order, but that would be an incorrect assumption.

            Their menu (actually, they bring two different menus for each patron) provides a very wide selection of entrees, and the emphasis is on healthy eating. In addition to the chicken, fish, and pasta dishes, there are several vegetarian choices, so the only person who might not be pleased with the selection at P & O might be a hard-core beef lover.

            The prices are moderate, IMHO, and I believe that P & O is a good value for the money. The one caveat is that, due to the popularity of the place, it is a good idea to get there by 5:00 p.m. Otherwise, there could be a long wait for a table. Of course, if one wants to hang out in their bar area, there is an incredibly large selection of imported beers to choose from, in addition to their long wine list. But, for the non-drinker, I think that an early arrival would be best.


            1. Zen Palate just opened up in Princeton. The NYC locations were voted the number one vegetarian restaurant in the city. Awesome food!

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                Frankly, if the food at Zen Palate in Princeton is anything like what we had the one time we went to the original location on 9th Av. in NYC, I would avoid the place like the proverbial plague. Horrible!!

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                  Maybe not...although I've never eaten in any of the NYC locations. I grew up on a vegetarian household, and have eaten at tons of vegetarian restaurants for many years. I was impressed with Zen Palate.

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                    As the expression goes, "Chacun a son gout."