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Jul 12, 2007 08:33 PM

taco's/italian sandwiches/hispanic grocer wanted in west burbs (arlington/schaumburg)

I'm staying near the arlinton metra station (but i have a car so i can drive)

i'm looking for a great authentic

a) taco's
b) italian sandwiches

and a mexican or hispanic grocer not too far away

again i can drive but i prefer not to venture too east as i've spent the past 3 days in downtown chitown

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  1. Not sure what you'd consider "authentic" tacos. Go here twice for steak tacos, and I doubt you'll find better. CHAR GRILLED skirt steak with cilantro and onions. Same family as La Pasadita. This is NOT the pan seared skirt steak that most novices mistake for edible all throughout chitown, and the salsa is generally not for the timid:
    Las asada's
    356 Lee St.
    Des Plaines 60016-4610
    There's also one on 83 and oakton?

    Italian sammiches:
    try Salernos on Des Plaines and kensington:

    Mexican grocer:
    Not too far from dundee and 83 is a Jimenez:
    (and a big one at that
    )Carnicerias Jimenez Wheeling
    (847) 229-9295
    550 W Dundee Rd
    Wheeling, IL 60090

    you also have a La Rosita at Wolf and Camp Mcdonald ?

    1. Just south of you on Algonquin Rd are two of my mainstays.

      Johnnie's Beef for Italian beef - this is their "other" branch vs the original in Elmwood Pk, but still tasty and messy all the same

      1935 S Arlington Heights Rd just north of Algonquin
      Arlington Heights
      (847) 357-8100
      Cash only

      As for Mexican grocers,
      there is

      Carniceria La Rosita
      1805 w algonquin rd
      Mount Prospect

      They have a small counter in the side that does a very brisk taco business for weekday lunches. It's can be tough getting the counter guy's attention if you're not Mexican, but it's good and fast. Their tacos have a better balance of meat and onions/cilantro than some of the other places I've been. Their asada meat isn't as high quality like Las Asadas, but they have a chicharrones (stewed) taco as well. And they're faster than Las Asadas.

      1. Not sure about authenticity but for easy access considering where you're staying, you might try Fuego in Arlington Heights for Mexican. Nice bar and great guac.

        Also, there's a new spot in downtown Arlington Heights called Armand's that would meet your Italian request. Locals are raving about it - have not been yet myself but it's definitely on my list.

        Both are probably less than a 5 minute walk from the Arlington train station.

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          Please do not make the mistake I made the first time I tried Johnny's Beef, I only ordered one. Man, I had waited in the 40+ line at the original location on a cold Saturday afternoon. They're are a bit smaller than your average Beef sandwich everywhere else. Order one beef and one beef and sausage combo, and an italian ice/lemonade. Make sure they dip the sandwhich in the pan of me, it's worth it.