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Jul 12, 2007 08:21 PM

Philadelphia Board [Moved from Pennsylvania board]

I know this will get deleted as soon as the bosses see it, but maybe some of you will read it first. Why dont we have our own board like some of the other major cities? I mean, who cares about breakfast on the turnpike. It has no relation to eating in our great city. PLEASE?? Please give us our own board!!

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  1. Living down the turnpike a ways (actually 422) - I would actually agree with this. I'm glad we have a PA board, but it would be helpful to see the discussions separately.

    1. Example of why there needs to be a Philly board:

      "Always assume Philadelphia unless otherwise stated"

      This is how the PA board is already treated. It's time to split Philly and PA. This has been needed for ages. The board is already treated like the Philly board, which makes non-Philly posts fade into the background.

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      1. re: CrazyOne

        Post I linked was removed, but the entirety of the post is in my quote above. Rest assured the attitude is not removed. Who actually makes these decisions and when do they actually act upon such things?

        1. re: CrazyOne

          Hear, hear! Those Pennsylvanians of us OUTSIDE Philly would like a separate board for Philly as much as the Philly folks would. It is incredibly tedious and frustrating to sort through threads with titles like "Breakfast in the Burbs?" and "Best Thai?" I would also propose that this is at least partially the reason that potential CHs elsewhere in PA avoid the board-- it's arrogant and off-putting, not to mention confusing for newbies. I have suggested this board to multiple people in Pittsburgh and at least three of them have cited this as a reason not to return.

          1. re: Greyhoundgrrl

            i agree with this!
            i'm in philly, and honestly, i don't even think twice before not putting the city name in the topic, i just forget.

            however, setting up to visit pgh sometime in the near future - was shocked by how hard it is to find recs because of all the philly talk!

            mid-atl, tri-state and dc/b-more are ALL closer to philly that pittsburgh. if anything i think there should be a "philly metro area" which allowed jersey posts too (i was once called out for asking about cheaper wines on the other side of the BF bridge, a 5-min drive from my house!).
            if you had a "philly metro area" then you could even think about breaking down the mid-atl board into "beaches" and "wilmington metro" to cover it all?

            1. re: Greyhoundgrrl

              agreed once again-- plus there is the added problem of trying to search specifically for philadelphia and having to do 2 searches-- "philly" and "philadelphia"

              1. re: bess

                ah, and don't forget "phili" or "phila" (i'm guilty of the latter!)...

                just today someone posted wanting recs for CMU. what's CMU? i don't even know which side of the state that's on!

                1. re: rabidog

                  Which is how it ALWAYS feels to be a Pittsburgher on the board! People are always posting without identifying their location as Philly and it's just confusing for the rest of us.

                  CMU = Carnegie Mellon University.

                  1. re: Greyhoundgrrl

                    so is this just a thread to vent in, or do the mods agree?

            2. re: CrazyOne

              The post you are referring to was mine. I apologize if you felt there was some kind of attitude behind it, I was not implying that Philadelphia rules and the rest of the state sucks or anything like that. But the simple fact is that most of the posts on the PA board *are* about Philadelphia, and most people who start the threads don't say where they are. A separate Philly+burbs board would be great, probably a Pittsburg+burbs board wouldn't hurt either. But if you see a new thread and the OP doesn't say where they're located, the odds are they're in Philly.