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Jul 12, 2007 07:14 PM

Looking For Fish n Chips in the NE or CC

Can anyone recommend a good place for fish n chips in the northeast(philly), or in CC? Thanks!

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  1. Check out Jones, Monks, London Grille and Palumbo's Grille

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    1. re: OlderPhiladelphian

      Also Black Sheep, Ten Stone, and Sidecar in CC. THank you.

    2. Nodding Head on Sansom St near 16th has great fish and chips

      1. I know I'll get stomped on for this chain reference but does anyone remember Arthur Treacher's?

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        1. re: JanR

          Wow, Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips brings back memories.

          Kildare's has very good fish and chips.

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            Has anybody been to this place Rick Nichols recently wrote about? May not be the "fish and chips" you're looking for but it sounded like an interesting old-time fried shrimp and fish joint.

          1. re: brightman

            I have to second Fado's fish and chips. They have great cole slaw, too.

          2. If you are willing to take a drive,Henry's Cafe in Pottstown is the best around.The cod is battered lightly and done to perfection with hardly any grease on the paper when you're finished.Portions are generous.