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Jul 12, 2007 07:13 PM

Need suggestions for birthday dinner, please

So. I had originally envisioned a quiet, smallish dinner for four to six people. But somehow--people who couldn't be left off the list; everyone RSVPing yes--this morphed into a group of 10 to 12. I'm afraid the group is going to be too big for all of us to carry on a conversation, and I hate the idea of our being one of those obnoxious loud groups that make you want to ask to move tables if you're seated nearby. This dinner will be on Sunday the 22nd. We will be a group of mostly women, mostly late 30something/early 40something, most with pretty refined palates although not picky eaters. I'd like to keep cost in the reasonable range (probably no more than $60 per person), as these big group things tend to spiral out of control in cost per person, especially with wine figured in--and also because I'm the birthday celebrant and I don't want people to have to shell out too much on my behalf. My favorites are probably Italian/Spanish/Mediterranean, but I am not wedded to this. I'm in the East Village and most of my friends are in Brooklyn (Slope/Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill), so those are the locations I'm leaning toward. I'm thinking possibly Supper (do they take reservations for groups?) in Manhattan, Lunetta or Frankie's Spuntino in Brooklyn, or maybe the new Po on Smith St.--anyone know if that would accommodate a group this size? I'm also wildly curious about the new Gemma in the Bowery Hotel, whose menu looks reasonable (and the space gorgeous), but maybe that's too trendy. Thanks for any suggestions you may have!

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  1. You asked if I ate in Po (Smith St.). The answer is yes in the second week after it opened. There was only two of us and I didn't pay enough attention to notice how well it would would do for a bigger group, but I thought the food and the service was great. Even though it was a week after they opened, they had their act together in the kitchen and up front. I think you would be pleased.

    Also I was at iCi in Fort Greene this evening. I thought the food was very good and there was plenty of space for a group inside and probably in the garden if you reserved it. New American with local very fresh ingredients.

    My go to place for groups in downtown Brooklyn is Downtown Atlantic on Atlantic Ave. in Boerum Hill. New American menu. Well spaced tables so you won't bother anyone if you are not obnoxious.

    All of these places will work for $60 pp. And all have a good beer list that can keep prices down a bit without sacrificing taste.

    1. You know what? I love Frankie's 457 (though haven't been in a while -- is that the same as Spuntino?), and they do have a great backyard, so if you could make a reservation, that'd be my pick, and I think you'd do completely well by your budget and have a great time. BTW, I'm in the target market.

      Hey, maybe you'll even have a Heath siting.