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Jul 12, 2007 07:05 PM

Pre-cooked food at Applebees?

I was out of town last night and my dining options near the hotel were extremely limited: (Applebee's, Arby's, Domino's and KFC). Being on the company nickel and wanting a cocktail, I opted for Applebee's.

Tried one of their chicken dishes and have a question. The chicken was "ok," but tased re-heated or pre-cooked. In other words, not like a typical fresh chicken breast should.

Made me question: do chain like Applebee's use fresh meats or are they pre-cooked elsewhere and then re-prepared on site?

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  1. I cooked at an Applebee's for a couple of years (2001-2002). Steaks, chicken, shrimp, fish, etc. were shipped to the store frozen raw, thawed in the walk in, and then grilled to order.

    I can't imagine this having changed between then and now. There could have been a lazy cook working who just reheated a pre-cooked chicken breast that was never served for whatever reason, but reheating grilled items like that aren't that company's policy as far as I'm aware.

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      my man is totally correct and i curently working for the company and there are several things that could happen but if they think its cold when its witting in the window the will just heat that sucker back up

    2. I don't work at Applebee's, and it is not our policy, but I have seen some cooks cook a chicken breast halfway on the grill, then finish it in the microwave, just to speed up the cooking process, because they are lazy.

      It's not right, but I've seen it happen.

      1. This is a question I've had for so long ....and I do like the Chain for their Ribs,
        however as many times I've been there I've never seen a I believe most of their food is pre-cooked with exceptions of course, steaks ect...but it's still an awesome place to eat, and the atmosphere is great as well

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          Condi is 100% correct. I also was a BOH cook at the Bees. Yes, everything came in frozen and went straight to our walk-in. Either to the Freezer Part or some stuff was sat out in the non-freezer part to thaw in plastic Cambro containers or Large Metal Bakery Trays. We also thawed some meats in one of our 3 compartment sinks under cold running water. Then another item, like the nacho hamburger meat for the nachos which also came in frozen, we thawed first, then before placing in a metal Cambro pan on the line, we boiled that in a huge vat of water so it would it get hot.

          At our Bees though, we however made the Mash Potatoes from scratch. Like a REAL HUMAN Prep Cook in-store peeled, cut, & mashed potatoes that came in bags. Ours were good. I could have eaten those frequently.

        2. No Applebee's food is not fresh as my mother wanted to get baby back ribs. However both tries (she sent it back) were very dry. So the manager came to us and said I'm sorry the ribs were taken off the bill. Apparently the whole batch was dry. And she even managed to say we are cooking tomorrow's batch. Meaning the food is precooked at least 24 hours earlier. Sad thing is that where I live Applebee's was the best place to eat but now there's nowhere. I am very disappointed with them.

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            Sad thing is that where I live Applebee's was the best place to eat but now there's nowhere.

            Where do you live?

            The dark side of the moon?

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              Big part of the US is the dark side of the moon

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                I spent the first 18 yrs of my life in a city where the best place to eat was Pizza Hut, or if you wanted something more upscale, Olive Garden.

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                Perhaps they have a long, slow low temperature cooking method? Not necessary for baby backs, but they could conceivably sous vide and grill off to order.