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Jul 12, 2007 06:40 PM

Moving to Arlington - where's good?

We'll be living near Blue Ribbon BBQ. What else is cheap and tasty in the area? Thanks!

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    1. Search the term "Arlington" and you will find no shortage of discussions. You'll have plenty of time; it's gonna be awhile before you get sick of Blue Ribbon.

      1. The cookies at Lakota Bakery, though I suppose even I could not live on them alone.

        1. Jade Garden on Mass. Ave (Arlington Heights) has a delicious and cheap luncheon buffet. It's one of my favorite Chinese lunch buffet places. Everything is very fresh and the people who work there are very friendly. I have never had a bad lunch at Jade Garden. Their fried chicken wings are golden brown and juicy. I'm getting hungry just typing this up.

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            Jade Garden 1360 Mass. Ave Arlington 781-648-8882

          2. Toraya is just down the street from Blue ribbon and has excellent sushi. The scallop sashimi (when available as a special) is not to be missed - rich, buttery, melt in your mouth with perfect sweetness. Soft shell crab tempura roll is great, as are all the standards.

            Near rt. 60 and mass ave, I do like sweet chili for Thai, although I have heard some cautionary tales. Tango is an argentinian place with great meat.

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              Welcome to Arlington!

              I second Toraya, which is our default choice when we don't want to cook. Very hard for me to get past the sushi but the cooked food is good too: there is a deep-fried tofu app that's great, and also a salmon wrapped in miso and banana leaf that I love. The owner is there every hour of every day they are open and it really shows in the quality and consistency of the food.

              I also agree with Za, especially for their salads. I am personally not a fan of Jade Garden although I know some people are.

              Something Savory in Arlington Heights has very tasty Caribbean-inspired food although I think the prices have gotten a tad high.

              Just over the line in North Cambridge you will find Greek Corner and Qingdao Garden (Places link won't work but it's a block closer to Arlington than Greek Corner) which are both worth a visit. Search on Qingdao to get ordering tips -- I like the dumplings by far the best of anything I have ordered there.

              Having said that, when we want Chinese we almost invariably go to Chilli Garden in Medford or Shangri-La in Belmont.

              If you are a Whole Foods shopper, the one in Fresh Pond is closer but the new one in Woburn is bigger and has lots more parking and less traffic. Berman's, Mass Ave just over the Lexington line, has good wines.

              149 Belmont St, Belmont, MA 02478

              Toraya Restaurant
              890 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

              138 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02474

              Something Savory
              1312 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

              Greek Corner Restaurant
              2366 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

              Chilli Garden
              41 Riverside Ave, Medford, MA 02155