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Jul 12, 2007 06:07 PM

Stuck in Southcenter (SEA) w/non-ethnic-eating people: Where to eat?

Yep... meeting family in Southcenter who don't want to travel more than 5-10 minutes and don't want to eat ethnic food, which eliminates Bai Tong.

Any suggestions? They're treating for a meal, and money's not a big issue. I can push 15 minutes by car if it's something special, but trying to stay fairly close.

Appreciate any advice so we can have a decent meal!

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  1. I grew up just above the Southcenter foodie-wasteland. :) In fact, my parents still comment on how terrible the selection is. How about taking a trip up to Military Road and 166th or 164th street or so. There is a little italian restaurant, once called Sofia' I can't remember the "new" name. It is right in the Safeway parking lot. Found it... now called Galliano's. They have anything from sandwiches to pizza and pasta.

    Another option would be the many restaurants in Burien, just down the road from Southcenter. I think I saw a thread on here earlier asking about possible good places. I can vouch for any mentioned by the first two responders.

    1. How about the 13 Coins at SeaTac? It's on 99 about 188th or so, I believe.

      1. Keep in mind not everyone likes the 13 Coins, but if you are with people who don't want to eat ethnic, then the Coins would be someplace they would like, if you know what I's not an adventurous menu...and if price isn't an issue...

        1. I haven't been there in years but I used to go to Grazie near Southcenter, and as I remember it was pretty good. Better than all the corporate cr*p that's the norm, anyway. Might check it out.

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            I'll second Grazie, if Italian isn't too ethnic for your folks--that would be my first choice in that vicinity.. I also had a pretty decent meal once at the restaurant in the Doubletree on Southcenter Parkway--pretty typical hotel food, but not bad and nothing scary for unadventurous eaters. Otherwise, if you really want to stay around Southcenter, you may be stuck with corporate chains--Red Robin, Claimjumper, Applebees, etc.

            Besides 13 Coins, another not-too-scary choice on International Blvd. near the airport is Sharps Roaster & Ale House. They do basic American comfort food pretty well--rotisserie chicken, baby back ribs, turkey and all the trimmings, etc. They do have some amazingly decadent, delicious soft ice cream desserts!

            If you can get them to go as far as Burien (should be within your 15-minute limit), Elliott Bay Brewhouse & Pub might be a good choice--good pub food and house-brewed beers. The Tin Room comes highly recommended as well. I've been there once, and want to try it again sometime. They're a bit more upscale than Elliott Bay Brewhouse, but not too frou-frou for folks whose tastes run to the basic and familiar.

            I remember the restaurant that luvsseattle mentioned--now called Galliano's--and the first time I tried it several years back, it was a lot better. I stopped more recently (in the past 2-3 years) and it had gone way downhill, unfortunately. I don't recall details but I had no desire to go back.

            1. re: MsMaryMc

              MsMaryMc - Thanks for commenting on the new "status" of Galliano's. I have just recently (this week) heard that it had gone downhill. :( Too bad! The food, when it was a real neighborhood gem, used to be awesome.

              Although I live in W.Seattle with the Elliott Bay Brewhouse, I've gotta say the Burien location is very nice!