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Jul 12, 2007 06:05 PM

Help me plan my weekend chow in Montreal

My husband and I are planning on a getaway weekend in Montreal in mid-October. We'll be there Oct 19-21, so I have primarily lunch and dinner Friday, and lunch and dinner Saturday. I've never been to Montreal and don't know much about Montreal eats. So help me!

Couple big questions:

What would be considered Montreal "street food" meaning, if I wanted a quick grab snack somewhere what would I be looking for and where would you recommend I get it?

Likewise, is there an official Montreal sandwich or lunch fare that I should know about? And likewise, were do you recommend I go?

Dinners -- looking for one nice restaurant (not necessarily "fancy" but GOOD!), not sure if we're too big on French food...I know I know...but there's plenty of time to make a reservation; the other dinner probably at a pub or something, and we want to view the hockey game (I think it's the Saturday) -- anyplace "classic"?

Lunches -- go wild, what do you recommend. Think casual chow!

Thanks in advance for anything! I'll be following this thread through October!! Have at it! Much appreciated...


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  1. There are no street food in Montréal; the closest you can get to street food is to eat on one of the many terrasses on St-Denis Street, or buy some take out and eat on a street bench.

    The ultimate "montreal sandwich", well, there are 2 ultimates, are the smoked salmon and cream-cheese bagel from the Fairmont Bagel or the St-Viateur Bagel; or the Smoked-meat sandwich from Schwartz'.

    There's a 3rd option, the sandwish at Wilensky's, but I never could get myself to enter the place.

    For dinner with a view for hockey, you can try the Brasserie Brunoise ( next to the Centre Bell, Montréal Canadien's place) I know they have big screen TVs and i think they show games there. The food is "bistro" style with a Québec twist.

    For lunch, I cannot help you, I'm not a lunch in a restaurant kind of guy, but you cannot go wrong with L'express, Lemeac or the other restaurant of this caliber.


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      Thanks so much. Keep the replies coming!

      Okay, so I'm from New York and we have kosher delis, of course, but what exactly is "smoked meat" -- is it similar to pastrami?? I think this sounds like a must have!! Trip to Schwartz's!

      ETA: I just looked up Montreal bagels too, and I didn't know there was a special kind of bagel in and learn -- I guess I'll add your Fairmount Bagel suggestion to my list.

      Also I'm at all familiar with the geography of Montreal, but we're staying at the Hyatt Regency. I imagine these aren't too far away...?

    2. Ditto everything Maximilien said. I like a smoked meat sandwich for lunch at the above mentioned Schwartz's. Other good lunch options include Olive et Gourmando, Titanic, and Cluny Art Bar in Old Montreal and Sur Bleury downtown. If you're willing to go a little west of downtown there's Cafe Rococo, for great Hungarian sausage stew with dumplings. La Binerie has traditional Quebec working man's fare. Patati Patata has great burgers and Poutine. And I'm just scratching the surface here.

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        For a quick take out lunch, I'd suggest going for a shish at Boustan or El Taib

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          Cheap and delicious, my favourite quick downtown lunch is a vegetarian pita sandwich at Boustan.